Friday, September 25, 2009

Booth #3 Fall Business Women's Expo!!!

It's Time for our much awaited Fall Business Women's Expo! I'm so excited to have this time for all of us and be a vendor for this event.

Here's how the E
xpo works:
Come back to Girls Night Out (use link button on left) starting at midnight, September 26th. leave a comment on Girls Night out, and let us know you were here, then visit the list of vendor booths on the right hand side all weekend, leaving comments and entering contests as you go and most of all have great fun! We've built our own little following here at GNO, but we want to spread the love around the blogosphere this join us in the First Business Women Online Expo this weekend!!

So Let's Get Started about Momma Goddess:

The Momma Goddess has been passionate about art and making beautiful gifts for her friends and family for many years. I have dabbled in many mediums of art for years: oil painting, stained glass, acrylics, water color, and finally jewelry design. I LOVE LOVE LOVE making jewelry!! I have always loved to buy and wear jewelry and I like unique items. So, with this in mind, I try to create items that aren't readily available. I have been having a wonderful time with this new venture.

Here's a few items to know about me:

1. I have two beautiful daughters, Shilo and Tara, and they are indeed my muses. I always think of them when designing and wonder if they would wear it or give it as a gift.

2. I am located on Etsy, Art Fire, have my own website

3. I specialize in Weddings and have been a featured artist on

Here are a few items from my shop:


  1. hey there, I love your unique jewelry. I really like the last necklace. WOW, you are a very talented lady with so many arts! Really enjoyed learning more about you. I'll be following soon and taking a closer look at things tomorrow after my show. Thanks for participating in the Expo!!

  2. Hey there! I've always loved your designs.