Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Little Bee!!

We are headed into the holiday buying season and I believe I have set some high goals for myself. I have said yes to some upcoming art and craft shows while not fully realizing how many items I should truly have prepared. Why, I'm not even SURE how many I should have ready.

Kathy Kaberline, of KK Originals, and I will be in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center for four days in November. We have been told that 30,000 people walk through this event each day! Okay, now I'm starting to realize that I better make a schedule for my time in the studio. I will honestly try to produce two pieces a day, but I want to maintain quality and uniqueness as I try to accomplish this task.

After seeing the movie Julie and Julia, I just hope this doesn't end up in a melt down like she had. To prove that I have been an avid creator I will post a couple of my newest pieces here for your comments. Honesty please.

Remember, these items are available on my websites, don't even feel bad about lowering my inventory one little bit; if you love something, snatch it up soon!!!

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