Saturday, February 6, 2010

UWIB Promotion has Started

I belong to a group of entrepreneurs called Unique Women in Business.  We support each other and educate each other.  The women are located all over the world as well as the United States.

As a method to allow more people to have a glimpse into our various shops we have started an exceptional promotion which involves adding a little treasure from some of the UWIB shops when we ship out an order.  The promotion items are so adorable and fun that I wanted to let you know about some of the shops involved in this venture.

Our organizer for this promo is from BKD Signature with some great little 'face scrubbies' for you to sample.

Her shop is having a HUGE Etsyversary Sale with 30% off many items.  Here is a sampling of just one of her sale pendants.

I love the colors in this glorious pendant and can envision it with a black ribbon tied up close choker style.

The price is right at $5.60 . . . just think of the possibilities!

Next up is Kristen Stein Fine Arts with a compact little note pad which is purse tuck-able AND a piece of her artwork reduced in size and placed in a metal framed pendant.  Wow!  That's a treasure to hang on to.  I personally have a piece of her work and it is a wonderful addition to my art collection.

Watch closely for her work on some of your favorite shows on TV.  This one is "Spirit of Autumn Fire" and my personal favorite.  As seen on SyFy Channel's Warehouse 13.

You can grab this one up for a mere $32.00 and I don't know where you will find a better value for your walls!!

Check out her shop for more of her items.  Watch for her name in many art venues -- Kristen Stein Fine Arts.

Ohhhhh, now let's wander off into the world of Magick!!
One of our newest members is Deborah's Candle Magick and she has given some great little tins with her pure soy candles inside.  The smells emanating from this batch is astonishing.  I can imagine how luxurious you will feel with one of these on your candle warmer, a nice hot cup of tea and a huge book to relax you.

Deborah offers many unique and interesting items and I found these "Witches Brew" candles in her shop for 
2 for $20 and each one burns 55-60 HOURS!!  
That calculates out to 16 cents an hour for a yummy atmosphere.

KLE Designs has included great little hair pins with a decorative attachment.  Her shop has a great variety of treasures for you to peruse. One of my favorites is the "Cake and Pie Server" with the blue glass beads and copper wire wrapping for only $20.  Imagine using this at your next special function!    She also has an antique tomato server that is truly a find for you collectors.

Aquarian Bath has included some delicious slices of her handmade soaps and some of them smell good enough to eat!!

I have some of her "Bay Rum" lip balm and it is wonderful!  She carries it in her shop for $3.50 and comes in a size that is much larger than the brand name balms you buy at the store.  Give her a shop a visit.

Design Knit Fun has included some very stylish wrist adornments that she made specifically for this little promo.  A great variety of colors and textures abound in this grab bag of fun! 

Check out her shop for a variety of hand knit specialties.  I found this appropriately named red "Valentine Cowl" that will add some unique interest to your wardrobe for only $20.  Just look at the myriad of colors within this red yarn!   

Wabi Brook Studio has included some handy little magnets with varying images of some beloved animals that will comfort the soul when you pick up that grocery list--or maybe remind you to purchase some pet food perhaps.  Either way, they are cute and will make you smile! She is truly an artist as the  ACEO testifies and it is available for $4.00.  Now who does this little West Highland Terrier remind you of . . . 

Oh, and what about me? Momma Goddess Treasures --  I made some little ribbon bookmarks to introduce people to my shop.  They were fun to make and I hope the customers who receive them will get some use and enjoyment out of them.

At least as much fun as I did making them.
So, that's the promotion from Unique Women in Business this month; each purchase you make from one of the above mentioned shops will have a cute little surprise tucked into the box.  What a great idea for our women to get their names into more prospective customer's hands.  I hope you benefit from this promo!


  1. Wonderful selection, Trudy! These uwibs are so talented!

  2. Thanks Trudy and wonderful post - your bookmarks are wonderful too! :-) btw just saw the Dart Vader quote - love it - just re-watched originals in the last month !!!

  3. Thanks so much for including my lip balm in your blog post. :) Hope you are having a great weekend.


  4. Thank you for the thoughtful post promoting our Unique Women in Business promos. I'm grateful to be part of such a supportive group of business women. And thank you for including my art magnets in your feature!

  5. Great blog post! Such lovely items and those ribbon bookmarks are adorable :-)