Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden City Art in the Park

I have been selected to show at the Art in the Park event in Garden City, Kansas again this year.  I hope to see many of my past customers as well as meeting many new ones.  I have a few new items to unveil this next Saturday, so hopefully, it will be a success.  Here's a sneak peak at a couple items:

African Opals
 This one is similar to a necklace I posted in my shop, but it lasted a day and was gone, so I created another one in the same vein.  This pendant is gorgeous with an aquamarine stone that coordinates well with the African Opals.
Hot Pink & Black, Oh My!
Hot pink and black always look HOT HOT HOT together and I've created a few different pieces to set your little mouths drooling--don't miss out.

Gorgeous Silver Heart
Yes, there will be earrings to match, but hurry, I didn't make many.  I don't want you girls walking around looking alike--every piece is unique.

I will also have an entire selection of $5 earrings, first come first served.  They will be worth it, so do stop by.

There will be an abundance of rich Fall colors available as well as plenty of Bling for the holidays!

Let me know you saw this and I will give you a special gift.  See you Saturday!!

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  1. Love everything, especially the African Opals. Wish I was driving distance to Kansas so I could stop by!