Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's a Leg Without a Garter?

The final touch for any wedding is the garter for the lovely leg of the bride.  There will be plenty of fun at the reception when it comes time to remove said garter and throw it to the crowd.  Some grooms are shy and will gently remove the garter with their hands, trying to be as gentlemanly as possible; while others will use their teeth to grasp and remove the lovingly worn garter.  Either way, it was fun to make some garters for the upcoming nuptials.  My creations thus far:

Okay, those are her three choices for this wedding.  She will be wearing her white gown with grape heels, I love her style!!

And finally, one to throw!  The brides are now wanting to hang on to the keepsake garter so they request a second one to throw.  A little smaller so her leg isn't completely full as she walks down the aisle.

Have we forgotten anything?  Oh, surely so, but it won't be missed if we did.  Perhaps after the big event we will have pictures to show the items in action!

Remember, if you are planning an upcoming wedding, get started choosing items as soon as possible.  I am always available to make custom jewelry, hair accessories, and garters.  Every bride should feel like a Goddess!!


  1. Greta addition to your wedding items!

  2. Very pretty! I didn't know until I got engaged last December about getting a second garter to throw - what a great idea. :D