Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Green - UWIB Blog Hop!! Join in!!

Nowadays when you hear the words 'something green' you are immediately drawn to the ecosystem that we have ignored for so many years.  Let's try to be more 'green' by recycling, carry our own bags into the store, carpool to work or play, buy a Smart car; the list is long and every little bit helps.

But what about St. Patrick's Day at this time of year??  Don't we think green when that date starts to role around?  Wear green, drink green beer, celebrate the Irish in any way we know how.  What is St. Patrick's Day all about anyway?

St. Patrick's Day is on March 17th because it is believed to be the day the saint died.  Before his death, he is said to have brought the Christian religion to Ireland.  "Saint Patrick's Day has come to be associated with everything Irish: anything green and gold, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, to those who celebrate its intended meaning, St. Patrick's Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide" (

Regardless of the reason you 'think green' let's see what we find to help you along those lines via handmade avenues on Etsy presented by those Unique Women in Business team members.  First, I found a adorable dog collar:

Crazy for Collars offers this piece of Green!

 Let's go straight from our beloved pet to that precious little baby or grandbaby:

Fashion Touch does wonders with green yarn.

What about for ourselves:

AudreyGardenLady can twist beads & wire like crazy!

Or a gift for Mom/Sis/BFF:

LMCreations can cut fabric to fit!

Let's think about really going 'Green' with this double duty tote--made from an upcycled tee into a great tote with a SHAMROCK on it!!  Talk about Green!

Rita's Creations serve double duty with Green!

Now I would like to introduce you to some other UWIB team members that are blogging "Think Green" and give you a chance to see what those witty women think when they hear the term.  Check them out, leave a comment and tell them I sent you!! 

After you check them out come back here and leave me a comment telling me which one you think hit on the same meaning you have when you Think Green.  I will send one of you a cute pair of green shamrock earrings as a gift.  (I will use to draw the winner.) 

The prize: 

Momma Goddess Think Green prize

Okay, here's the list:  Happy Green Hunting!!!

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Karen Terry-McDuffie   –
Robin Koehler   –
Linda Reynolds   –
Birgitte Hendricks  -
Judy Woodley  -
Rita Wetzel  -
Audrey F  -
Robin Maria Pedrero   –
Ann Rinkenberger   –
Trudy Miller   –
Cory Trusty   –
Cory Trusty   –
Nancy Pace   –
Wendy Kelly   –

Don't forget to comment, and remember 
Think GREEN!!!


  1. LOL, I must be early b/c none of the blogs have Green Posts in them yet. :) I'll have to find time later to check again. I did leave a comment on Linda Reynolds blog though –
    :) ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. That's such a fantastic offer, on some adorable earrings. I love your thoughtful, poetic post. Many thanks for putting together such a delightful contest, as well.

    Enjoying hopping around on the blog hop promo:


  3. What a fabulous and creative post Trudy!!
    I love the things you featured and your darling earrings!
    Lovin theis UWIB blog hop


  4. Oppsy...forgot to leave my signature!

  5. Back to see that sweet baby face again!!
    Love it Trudy!!


  6. I too am enjoying the hop! Great thoughtful post, my Irish friend will love this too.

  7. Trudy - I enjoyed seeing the variety of items in different team members' shops. I like how "green" can be interpreted...and you've captured that with the images you selected!

    Harvest Moon by Hand

  8. You surely found some of the most adorable GREEN things!!Lucky earrings you've got there!!

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    Twitter ~

  9. Trudy, What a cute presentation to the UWIB Blog Hop! I love your shamrock earrings!!!


  10. What a great post! You have featured some great team items--we are SUCH a talented bunch! Your earrings will be make a GREAT prize!


  11. This is a wonderful way to start the UWIB Blog hop. Beautiful choices showing off the best of Green.


  12. A fantastic post - all of that green is so awesome! Thanks for highlighting my upcycled bag! And your earrings are fabulous - they sure do remind me of spring!

  13. What a lovely blogpost. That is such a great idea and so sweet of you :-)

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  14. How fun! Those earrings would bring luck I'm sure! (Robin - are you listening?)

    Wish I'd been able to participate this month, but next month I'll be in the UWIB blog hop! It's been awesome reading all the posts.


  15. Great post and I love all of the green items you found.

  16. Ok, the pic of the baby with the little hat is just heart melting. Can I have her:)