Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Happened to the Countdown??

Oh, I know you were all waiting on pins and needles for the countdown to continue, BUT it didn't!  I got a terrible frog in my throat and he wouldn't get out.  I coughed and sprayed and gargled--the whole gambit, but the slimy little creature stuck around through Christmas!! 

So, needless to say, we had a very relaxing holiday week at our house.  Eating chicken noodle soup, watching movies, and just enjoying the peaceful holiday.  I want you to know the frog hopped out while I was sleeping and unfortunately for my dear hubbie, it jumped into his throat, hmmmm, well, I was taught to share.

Why don't we just move on to our New Year 2012!!  Wow!!  How did it get here so quickly?  And I refuse to do resolutions each new year because they all start out the same and end up exactly the same.  This year I'm planning to stay FOCUSED and trying to create some new pretties along the way . . . oh, look how pretty this is . . . it sparkles . . .