Monday, August 23, 2010

Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week - Yarn Coture

Check out the specials offered by Yarn Coture as the Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week.

I spent a little time perusing her shop and found some really interesting items.  First, check out these really great Retro Victorian Knit Cuffs.  Awesome gift for those teens or tweens this year for the holidays.

Thinking along the lines of holiday gifts, I also found some superb Mini Spa Washcloths in Pink and White.  They are great for breast cancer awareness or perhaps a gift for that friend who sells Mary Kay products.  Wouldn't it be great to have a spa party and give these as gifts??

Last, but not least, check out these sweet and feminine Deluxe Sponge and Washcloth set.  Now imagine these in a basket with a bar of homemade soap and some sweet smelling bath salts; then tie it all up with a frilly bow and you have an unforgettable gift.

 I know it is a little early for the holidays, but get your ideas going early and don't miss out on these fantastic specials!!

YarnCoture is offering
Free Worldwide Shipping on SELECTED items
Free Shipping on EVERYTHING shipped within the U.S. and Canada
20% off on all Basketweave Knit Scarves and
20% off on all Amazing Chunky Skinny Scarves
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..and how about her latest Fall Collection video?!