Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Stocking Stuffers!!

The Unique Women in Business has so many wonderful ideas for the holidays.  Don't miss out on a single opportunity to browse their respective shops.  I have been ordering and perusing again today.  Now just wait until you see what I found!!

Kristen Stein Fine Art has some tremendous pieces of work she has made into various treasures.  I love to pick up her calenders when she has them in stock, but check out these great mirrors, what a special treat to slip in the stocking.
Fine Art Mirror
I have some of Kristen's work in my home and I receive so many comments when I have visitors.  Stop by her shop to see what other talents she displays.

I stopped by Grandma's Craft Garden and  fell in love with these candy cane dish towels (hey, I grew up calling them tea towels, anyone else??).  You can have their name on the towels!  How cool is that??
Dish Towels
Whether it is a new home or a more established one, we all need fresh tea towels.  Heh, heh, heh, worked that in now, didn't I??

Oh, I mustn't leave out all our little pets, especially since I have four grandcats, one granddog, and one grandbird; no, you didn't see any human babies mentioned here, but what's a momma to say?  Oh, I digress, anyway, I stopped by Rendachs Chilly Paws and found these:
Fish Bones Catnip Toy
Now won't I be the absolute BEST grandma if I stick some of these in the stockings.  At least the cats will like me!!!

Never, never, never let a stocking slip by without some jewelry stashed in the bottom!!  It is a must!

Love these pretty citrine earrings from Delicate Adornments and citrine is supposed to bring wealth.  I've often thought of sleeping with some.
Citrine Earrings
Audrey Garden Lady has some amazing finds, but I'm drawn to these amethyst earrings.  Amethyst helps with so many things, but one thing is to help with sleep; hmmmm, now I need to add some of this to my bed!
Amethyst Earrings
So lovely and they would fit perfectly into those HUGE stockings you bought thinking they were so pretty.  Really, they seem to grow as you keep sticking goodies in them.

Naughty and Nice got me sidetracked on my trek to filling my stockings . . . but I did think these lingerie bags would be a nice item for the stockings.  I have a couple and use them so much. 
Lingerie Bag
Okay, I think I may be finished for the evening, my selfish and curious side is heading back to the Naughty and Nice shop to peruse a little more! 

Stop by the Unique Women in Business Facebook page  My Unique Gift Guide for more ideas!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stocking Stuffers??

Yes, it is time for those ideas for the stockings.  You want something nice, but depending on the size of the stocking the cost could add up dramatically.  Let me help you with some great ideas!!

So many workers must wear a badge, key card, or ID of some sort; but let's make sure they do it with style!

ID Reel with Vintage Creations

Here's a great little recycle, reuse, re-purpose piece for those 'Green' thinkers--utilizing vintage material and a vintage earring to make this little reel badge holder a treasure to wear to work.  This was found at Kady's Pet Couture.  This gives you a chance to match the person with their pet's collar!!

They also some some cute wristlet key chains available in holiday looks, vintage chic, or sports:

Pirate Key Chain Wristlet
Broncos Key Chain
Kady's has many sports teams including College teams!!  Just ask if you don't see what you want.

Now I found this great little wristlet purse in gmPurseanalities and I think it will fit in many of those stockings!  What fun to tuck some chapstick, gift card, or just a little green inside then roll and put it in the stocking.
Piano Keys Wristlet
Oh, perfect item to make your stockings smell nice!!  I found some handmade soaps from Soap Rehab.  You choose four for one price, then split them up for your stockings!!  My husband has been using these soaps and has decided they are the best!!  Now he is strictly a handmade soap man. 
Pick 4 Soaps Your Choice  

Next I found some luscious handmade perfume from Aquarian Bath and I know first hand that these are nice.  I love Patchouli!!  You can choose the perfect smell for your stocking recipients.
Lavender Patchouli Perfume
Check out her shop for more yummy items, all perfect size for tucking into a holiday stocking.  Or just a small, but loving, gift for a co-worker, post person, nurse, babysitter, teacher, ugh, the list is long!

Last year I added one of these microwave bowl holder in all my gifts.  I absolutely love these things and use mine all the time.  My husband and I each have one for those leftover soup nights!!  Works great from HandmadeBits4U and she said it works for ice cream as well.
Bowl Potholder 
I found these great sprays from ShantiAromatherapy and I know some will think it funny, but if you have ever had hot flashes you will treasure this bottle.  Also, I'm thinking it would be good to take on those holidays to Florida, Mexico, Alabama, or wherever it is hot and stifling at times.  Just a spritz.  What a welcome gift this will be!!
Hot Flash Cooling Body Mist
Great idea for those little cards we need to carry with us and we just don't want to take a purse with us to the library, or wherever we may be heading.  These are recycled comics so that young person will LOVE this and will use it!  Japip has a superb collection of these with bag tags, little wallets, and awesome coasters.
Comic ID Bus Metro Tag
These are just a few of the women artists from Unique Women in Business.  Stop by their sites to get your last minute shopping completed.  I'll try to pick some more fun items tomorrow!!