Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's a Leg Without a Garter?

The final touch for any wedding is the garter for the lovely leg of the bride.  There will be plenty of fun at the reception when it comes time to remove said garter and throw it to the crowd.  Some grooms are shy and will gently remove the garter with their hands, trying to be as gentlemanly as possible; while others will use their teeth to grasp and remove the lovingly worn garter.  Either way, it was fun to make some garters for the upcoming nuptials.  My creations thus far:

Okay, those are her three choices for this wedding.  She will be wearing her white gown with grape heels, I love her style!!

And finally, one to throw!  The brides are now wanting to hang on to the keepsake garter so they request a second one to throw.  A little smaller so her leg isn't completely full as she walks down the aisle.

Have we forgotten anything?  Oh, surely so, but it won't be missed if we did.  Perhaps after the big event we will have pictures to show the items in action!

Remember, if you are planning an upcoming wedding, get started choosing items as soon as possible.  I am always available to make custom jewelry, hair accessories, and garters.  Every bride should feel like a Goddess!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did Someone Say Hair Bling??

One of the important little decisions a bride must make is how to wear her hair.  She wants to look absolutely stunning for the day and be able to move  and have fun as well.  Should she wear it up?  Should she wear it down?  How will the veil fit?  Will there be a veil?  What about the reception--after the veil comes off??  So many questions to answer.  Most brides will meet with the hair dresser far in advance of the big day for a trial run.  Some take their veil, some show up with nothing, and others will appear with a handful of bling to be utilized in some manner.

I have had several orders for the big day bling.   Here are a couple items from two different brides:

Sparkles and Pearls on hair pins to be scattered throughout her hair.

Small delicate comb with crystals and pearls for a delicate touch.

One chose the larger comb to fasten to the top of her veil.

While one chose a comb with feathers attached to give her a touch of drama!

Each bride has a different and unique vision for her special day and I'm only too happy to help them achieve that perfect vision.

Tomorrow we will check out some wedding garters!!  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adorable Flower Girls in Every Wedding

Yes, we all have heard the horror stories of the flower girls in many weddings, but we continue to have them because they are so darn cute!!  The wedding I'm working on at the present is no different.  They have selected an adorable little flower girl to be part of that 'oh, so special day.'   So, tasked with the idea that she, too, needs some bling for the wedding, they sent me a picture of her dress (with her in it, of course).
Here she is in all her glory!  They will have flowers for her hair, but her interest was in the sparkles she saw all around her.  So we made sure she would sparkle as well.

I made her a delicate little necklace with teardrop crystals in the front and a nice stretchy bracelet with crystals to match the bridesmaid necklaces.  Now, I hope she will be able to stop looking at her sparkles long enough to throw some flower petals down as she meanders down the aisle.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bridesmaid Decisions

Choosing your wedding colors may be the easiest part.  Brides usually have a favorite color that they have always known they would use for their special day.

Then she must choose the perfect dress or dresses to please all of her bridesmaids; a style that can be used again and not just hang in the closet to create another nightmare movie about bridesmaids' dresses.  One piece that needs to be decided early is the jewelry to match this perfect dress.  Now, not all bridesmaids are created equal and many have a mind of their own.  One wants the traditional pearls, one says absolutely no pearls, and the others may also have something in mind, but they just don't know what that perfect piece really is.  That is where I come in.  Trying to please both the bride and the bridesmaids.

My latest venture into the world of pleasing bridesmaids has been accomplished with something, I hope, will please everyone.  Crystals!!

I always say, "when in doubt, sparkle!"

These crystal necklaces have a combination of crystal sizes and accents colors, in addition to awesome crystal spacers and sparkle balls.   These should be a perfect compliment to the strapless eggplant satin dresses.  Still dressy without overdoing it.  Just a short choker length and sweet little dangle earrings and we have it made!!

Tomorrow, let's look at the flower girl!  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy with Wedding Treasures

I have been so busy making wedding treasures that I have neglected my blog, and that is just not acceptable!!  I will be a little more faithful starting today!

Here's a little view of the necklace I just created for the Mother of the Groom.  I can't wait for her to see it, I think she will love it!  She sent me pictures of her dress and this is what I've created to go with it.

It sparkles and shimmers just the right amount so as not to outdo our lovely bride, but this mother will definitely make a statement!  I hope to share some of the pictures of the day with you when all the festivities are over.

The center stone is a "Swarovski Elements divine rock crystal fancy stone was developed in collaboration with Versace, a famous Italian design house. The divine rock highlights the precision-cut beauty of organically shaped crystals. A combination of matte and sparkling facets in an asymmetrical shape. The fancy stone has a flat, mirrored back for added light reflection"  and it finishes the piece so well.

Let me know what you think.  Tomorrow I will show you the bridesmaid's jewels!!