Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas

My friend and I were discussing a little dilemma recently: all our kids have grown up and moved away!  Usually, that is okay with us, but now Mother's Day is approaching and dang it, we don't have anyone to cook for us to celebrate our big day!!  That is just WRONG!!  Or so we see it in our eyes . . . no, we don't want to go out to eat--we like staying home and having some home cooked (with love) food.  Hmmmm, there are always pros and cons to the "Empty Nest" that we keep finding.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest I want to present some new chiffon silk scarves to you for ideas for your mothers.  Now these are special so I only have one of each, but I think they turned out great!

 This one is so rich that there is no way to get a good picture of it; it is a must see in person.  The colors are unique and will go with a variety of options, but I keep going back to a pristine white outfit, some layers of chains, and this scarf.  Perfection!

Wild Animal
 Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this scarf since I am so totally in love with animal prints.  I refuse to give them up and will be the little old lady in animal print and bling at the home when that time comes.  Imagine this with a khaki outfit; oh I know there are plenty of others, but I am stuck on that khaki or perhaps a cream for this season.

 It is summer and many of you are planning the annual vacation; whether it is a cruise, a resort, or just a family reunion, this gorgeous shades of blue chiffon scarf will be perfect for the event.

These three scarves were made with chiffon silk and are oversized so they can be used as a light shawl, a belt, or pareo; well, you get the drift.

Stop by the Momma Goddess Treasures shop to pick up your favorite scarf for your mom--they are going fast!

So, even if you won't be with your mother, have a lovely day and enjoy this gorgeous time of year.