Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Weddings!

Spring is here and those brides are working hard to get ready for the upcoming wedding season.  I am busy trying to keep up with those eager brides.  Let me share some of the latest trending and pieces I am creating.

Black Onyx with Teals
 Teal is a popular color this season; and I have one bride that wants it combined with black and ivory.  Here is one necklace I made for her review, which features a large black onyx focal piece and ivory with teal pearls.  I am still waiting for her decision.  We will see if she wants changes or likes it the way it is.
Matching earrings

 Here are the earrings she requested to match the necklace.

 Next the brides are all about flowers in their pieces.  This necklace is one of the most popular and are made with a variety of changes to match the wedding theme.
Going to the Chapel
 I am currently making this one with dusty rose pearls and cream roses.  I will be sure to post a picture when they are finished.

Pretty Pretty Princess

 Okay, no one has requested this one, but I made it up when I got a wild hair and thought it turned out so precious.  Let me know what you think.  You know the brides always want something that no one else has--ha! I know this will fit the bill.

What about the earrings??  Some are looking for the vintage estate style, while others want something just pretty to match their colors.

Now to end this little piece I want to share with you my pièce de résistance.  I worked on this one for quite some time and I think it turned out great!

Crystal & Pearl Necklace  
 I absolutely love a challenge and am thrilled when a bride shares her dress pictures with me and I am able to create the jewelry she envisions.  I always request finished pictures from the special day and will share those with you as I receive them.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Spring!! UWIB Bloghop!

Spring Butterfly from JMJ Creations
Red Trees from Beegrl
It is March and it is Spring!!  We all love Spring, don't we??  Well, it is finally here and the bulbs are up, blooming, and filling the air with fragrance.  The trees are budding out and soon all will be green.  As we drove farther south toward Oklahoma we noticed the trees were fuller and lusher the closer we got to my Mom's house.  The Red-bud trees were all in bloom and the countryside was interspersed with the gorgeous green leaves and the bright reddish-pink flowers.  The farther south we drove we found some of the white dogwoods were even in bloom.  I can hardly wait for the drive home because I know even more will be blooming.

Birds & Bees from Paperquick
So what does Spring mean to us??  I know I think of the blooms from the early bulbs peeking their little noses out of the dead leaves and grass.  I love the return of the robins, watching them choose their birdhouse in my backyard for their nesting. 

Easter Eggs from Crazy for Collars
I like to start putting out the bunnies and eggs with Easter in mind.  And of course, we all start thinking about spring cleaning!  What is it about this time of year that actually makes us non-cleaners want to wash the windows and clean out the cabinets?? 

So, if we must clean and organize, then so be it; but where to begin, the all important question.  You know there are many websites out there willing to help us de-clutter or organize our homes or workplaces.  I absolutely love the Fly Lady!  She has easy and step-by-step techniques for keeping things orderly.  Her technique is through coaching and many people need that.  Check her out at Flylady.net for some daily ideas. 

Then there is the list method and I love the List Plan It site.  She has many types of lists, including Spring Cleaning lists; ways to de-clutter your kitchen; and even recipes for making your own natural cleaners.  Pick up some hand painted bottles for those home made cleaners.
Bottles from Momma Goddess
I personally like the 'sit and think about it' method.  I enjoy sitting in my studio working on my latest creation and thinking about where I should start when I finish.  It really suits me, but it isn't for everyone.  Okay, if we must clean, then let's use cute handmade items.  So, while you do the blog hop, please watch for some great handmade ideas from the Unique Women in Business Etsy team.  Then hop back here and give me some ideas.  

Now let's do a little blog hopping throughout the Unique Women in Business realm to see what is on their minds for Spring.  Stop back to let me know what Spring means to you.  I love comments!

Here's the list for this month:

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Also, here are the links to the UWIB blog and the UWIB ETSY Team

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week - Abby Chase Designs

The newest Etsytwitter team Shop of the Week was just announced and it is Abby Chase Designs so I did a quick preview of her shop to see if I could find some unique items to share with you.  You know I did or we wouldn't be here.

I remember riding with my Dad in the car and every time he put his seat belt on he hooked a clothespin up by the top.  When I asked him why he did that he said the belt always rubbed his neck too much.  Well, since then I, too, have found that same issue in different vehicles.  Abby Chase has solved our dilemma with a little style and flair!
Adult Seat Belt Covers in choice of colors
And if that wasn't clever enough look at these:
Baby Seat Belt Covers 
We are all aware of how protective new mothers are with their babies.  This is a wonderful touch!

Now check out what I found in her shop; and we all know how handy these little devils will be.
Incognito Tampon Wallet
You just can't get any more discreet than that.  And I also want to point out that when you do need these little personal protection aids, they won't be in the bottom of your purse halfway ripped out of the wrapper and need to be blown off before you can use them!!  Now don't even try to tell me you don't know what I'm talking about!  We have all been there, done that!

If you are a seamstress and want to make your own, she also sells the tutorials in her shop for all of her items.  You can make them for the holidays or birthdays for all your friends!!  But for those of you who do not want to sew or can't--slip on over to her shop this week.  She has specials!!!  Who doesn't love a good special??

Just for this week,
AbbyChaseDesigns is offering
20% off
Use code SOTW20 
For more about Mandy and AbbyChaseDesigns:

Stop by to see her and tell her you saw her here at the Momma Goddess blog!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hair Pins vs. Bobby Pins -- Who Knew??

It is wedding season again and those brides are out selecting all the important essentials for the fairytale wedding they have always dreamed about.  

I have been making hair combs and hair pins or what I thought were hair pins with pearls and crystals.  Now I find out that I've been making bobby pins!  Yes, I remember using bobby pins and calling them that, but now my latest bride has educated me about the difference between hair pins and bobby pins.  

She wants hair pins--they are just to decorate the hair; not bobby pins--they are for hold.  Okay, it does make sense to me.  So, I am now stocked with lots of hair pins as well as my combs and bobby pins. 

Here's my latest effort into the world of bridal hair bling.
Pearl & Crystal Hair PIN

Single Pearl Hair PINS

This little bride wanted the one ornate pin with pearls and crystals, with a dozen of the single pearl pins.  I will certainly try to get a picture of her hair for the special day, but my imagination envisions quite a head of hair with special curls and little pearls throughout.  I believe this will be a gorgeous look and I am anxious to see the final result.

So my shop now offers both hair pins and bobby pins, as well as hair combs.  I have different sizes of combs now so stay tuned for the preview of those little treasures.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gas Money to go to my Mom's House

Yes, that is correct; I'm talking about gas money to make the trip to my Mom's house in Oklahoma.  I know you have all noticed the price of gas lately.  Wow, with prices soaring to the $4 mark it makes a little 13 hour drive to my mom's house really expensive.  So, to help offset the outrageous cost of gas to get my husband, myself, and our two little dogs to visit Grandma, I am offering special prices on earrings.  

Spread the word -- baby needs new shoes!!  Oh, I mean, the pickup needs a full tank!!!

Here they are just sweet and simple AND totally affordable!!  Get several pair for yourself; stock up for your friends; get a little holiday shopping out of the way; just get to the shop and buy buy buy!!!

Large Filigree Leaf Earrings $9
Big and bold--these earrings are so in style right now!!

Just a Little Heart $6.50
Sweet, simple, delicate, and affordable!!  Who knew???
Silver Goddess Style $9
Need a pair of nice, long earrings that are lightweight and match everything??  Here you go!

In the Round $9
There is definitely something like a sea creature feel to these.  They have great definition and texture, plus they have the little waves to create a unique look.  Extremely lightweight and guaranteed to be worn again and again.

I have more, but don't want to drive you crazy--so just run to my Etsy shop to check out these great finds, as well as some $5 angel wing earrings

Now, if you have the need for some bling--never fear--head to my regular website for lots of sparkle.
Sparkle Ball Stretch Bracelets

I have a few of these sparkly stretch bracelets in purple, blue, silver, and black.  These are only $12 each, but if you buy 2 or more they are then $10.
Glam Rhinestone Bangles

Now these bangles are magnetic and super fun to wear!!  I picked up quite a selection of colors, but don't have too many in stock--so don't delay if you want some of these pretties!  $12 each or $10 for 2 or more.  While they last!!!

Okay, that should give you plenty to think about and I know some of you have already received that income tax refund, so spend it on some Bling, Baby!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

And the Winner is . . . Japip!

Thanks for all the comments and hopping you did for the Think Green blog hop from Unique Women i Business!!  

We had tons of fun putting it on for you! Keep an eye open for more of these, we will try to have one a month on various themes.

I did go to random.org and Japip won the earrings.  I will ship those out on Monday!!  Hopefully, she will have them in plenty of time for St. Patrick's day! 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

You've Got to Have Friends!!

Yes, you've got to have friends . . . now I don't know if anyone else can remember that song, but it keeps repeating itself over and over in my head.

Today was my birthday and I really felt the love from all my friends.  I woke up to find thousands (not literally) of birthday messages on my Facebook account--some from all over the world.  Now that was awesome in and of itself.  

I enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the Rio Grande with a group of special friends who I have known and worked with for years.  The importance of spending time with friends is always re-emphasized to me after something so simplistic as a little laughter at lunch.  I find that nothing can be so overwhelming that a little time spent with a friend or two cannot cure or heal.

The time spent catching up may pull you away from all the 'important' duties or missions you may have planned to accomplish; but never underestimate how refreshed and invigorated you will be after some laughter endorphins are released.

So, regardless of the length of your to do list--take a little time for your mental health and spend it with some friends!!

What a terrific birthday I had between email messages; off-key birthday songs on the phone; and a little catch up for a bright and sunny lunch.  I don't believe I'm ready to give up on having birthdays, and yes, I still refuse to count the years using the same method the rest of the world uses--I plan to stay forever young in my heart!

Oh, and I took my camera along so I could show you the smiling group at our luncheon, but we had so much fun I forgot all about it.  Just take my word for it--we are a group of sassy girls with attitude!

Now, does anyone remember that song that keeps whirling around in my head????  Let me know if you do.  It seems like it was from a Bette Midler movie, but who knows?

Enjoy each and every day!  Tomorrow we will have the drawing for the winner of the earrings.  If you didn't post a comment on the blog hop blog "Get Er Done" soon!