Friday, September 30, 2011

I Am HOME!!!

I am home from my journeys to Kansas and back, times two; once for the Art in the Park in Garden City, Kansas; and back again for the Whimmydiddle in Scott City, Kansas.  

The weather was absolutely beautiful for both weekends and the turnout was awesome.  I enjoyed seeing so many past customers and meeting many new ones.  

Art in the Park
The Garden City event was paired with the Downtown Fall Fest, so we had activities galore.  They had a car show, boxing matches, art every where; just to name a few.  I was lucky enough to be next to a graffiti artist who did a demonstration during the day.  
My side view
 He wrapped tons of cellophane around two large trees to create a canvas on which to work.  He then used his spray cans to create this work of art.  I believe it contains his signature, but wait until you see the other side!
Front Side
This was the other side of the cellophane canvas.  Awesome!  He is quite the artist and it was so mesmerizing to watch him work.  Too bad many of them have to work in the dead of night to create their art.
Garden City
I had a great day in Garden City, then rushed home to ship orders and create new items for the next weekend.
Whimmydiddle in Scott City
The Whimmydiddle usually has at least 10,000 people during the one day.  They travel from all over the surrounding states to attend this one day art and craft festival.  I must admit that it was such a lovely day and there were so many people that I am sure they reached that number or may have actually surpassed it this year.

I added some on my hand painted silk in the form of scarves, ponchos, sconchos, shawls, and some ruanas (large capes).  They were received quite well by the shoppers and my efforts were rewarded.

I also unveiled the newest line of handmade dog collars from the shop that Kathy Kaberline and I have opened:  Kady's Pet Couture.  We currently have dog collars and cute little cards, but will soon have leashes and cat collars, in addition to whatever else our little minds come up with--bird toys for sure.
Chi Chi with Hot Pink Leopard with Black Bow
Here is one of our first happy customers--he is posing so proud for his picture.  He knows he looks good.
Beyonce posing with K State Collar
Since we were in the great state of Kansas, we offered a few select K State collars and also included KU.  They were very popular with these folks.  They certainly do embrace the Beach Boys' song: "Be True to Your School."  
Beyonce in her Jaguar collar
Beyonce was a great model for the collars (of course, you can't see her grandpa standing there with a treat in hand).  You have to know that there will be plenty of animal print with me involved.

It was a lovely trip with great weather, energetic shoppers, talented artists, and special time spent with family.

If you are interested in some pet gifts stop by our new shop:

We are always trying to reinvent something fun for the fur babies.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden City Art in the Park

I have been selected to show at the Art in the Park event in Garden City, Kansas again this year.  I hope to see many of my past customers as well as meeting many new ones.  I have a few new items to unveil this next Saturday, so hopefully, it will be a success.  Here's a sneak peak at a couple items:

African Opals
 This one is similar to a necklace I posted in my shop, but it lasted a day and was gone, so I created another one in the same vein.  This pendant is gorgeous with an aquamarine stone that coordinates well with the African Opals.
Hot Pink & Black, Oh My!
Hot pink and black always look HOT HOT HOT together and I've created a few different pieces to set your little mouths drooling--don't miss out.

Gorgeous Silver Heart
Yes, there will be earrings to match, but hurry, I didn't make many.  I don't want you girls walking around looking alike--every piece is unique.

I will also have an entire selection of $5 earrings, first come first served.  They will be worth it, so do stop by.

There will be an abundance of rich Fall colors available as well as plenty of Bling for the holidays!

Let me know you saw this and I will give you a special gift.  See you Saturday!!