Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Many of us observe Memorial Day in different ways. For some it is just an extra day off of work, another one of those beloved "holidays" when you don't have to work.  For many it is a day to remember their loved ones who passed before them.  Originally, this holiday was set aside to celebrate and remember the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces.

Many referred to this day as Decoration Day because of the long tradition of placing flowers at the loved ones graves. The graves of the fallen soldiers are marked with the American flag to remind us of the price paid to preserve our freedom.  

The red poppy has become noted as a source of pride to wear and a way to raise funds for the benefit of service people in need.  This tradition was influenced largely by the poem written by Moina Michael.

We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.

The red poppy can still be seen today being worn by many people, thanks in part, to the VFW as they have set up a program for disabled veterans to make and sell them.

Many family traditions have been set in stone for years with the children trying to maintain the customs set by their parents and grandparents.  My mother lost her mother to cancer when she was just five years old.  The family of five children ranging in age from one to nine was taken to care for by the grandmother.  Now that must have been one strong woman!

Her grandmother taught them many loving things, but one tradition my mother and her sisters remain ever vigil about is the Memorial Day tradition.  The families all looked forward to this holiday.  All the aunts and uncles with their many children would return to the home town to commemorate their loved ones. 
The children would pick wildflowers and make bouquets for the graves.  They all had new clothes, handmade by Grandma, and new shoes.  Grandma would cook for several days getting food ready for the holiday.  Every family member’s grave would receive flowers and various other items made by the children.  Family members who served in the armed forces received a small flag to designate their past service.

This turned out to be a memorable time for the families and a way to have a family reunion of both living and deceased.  One aunt would line the children up and say, “Let me see how big you have gotten.”  Little things like this become entrenched in your memory and help us to retain some of the life that was.

My aunt still lives in the home town and has officially taken on the role of ensuring that each and every family member’s graves are decorated with flowers.  The long tradition of the family get together is no longer carried on as families grow and move away, but the love instilled by the grandma is still strong in the sisters.

My father passed away this past summer and my mother was terribly concerned that he have flowers on his grave for this holiday.  I made sure I went to the cemetery armed with flowers, scissors, water, and a camera.  He was a 32° Mason and the Masonic Lodge had already placed a flag on his grave by the time I arrived.

The entire place with alive with the sweeping array of color across the green expanse of grass.  Large American flags lined the drive way into the gardens and little canopies were set up at designated intervals around the drive.LLLLLLLl  They had chairs, umbrellas, water, coffee, popcorn (yes, a very cool popcorn machine), and I even saw an ice cream truck.  This place was ready to celebrate.  

A HUGE American flag was standing on a side part of the garden with white chairs all lined up for the presentation set for Monday.  Monday started with a flyover of F-16s from the Colorado Air National Guard and just the sound alone made your heart swell with pride.  
The day was a glorious event meant to honor our soldiers and their families and I do believe they did an excellent job accomplishing this feat.   This was a great way to say Thank You for our Freedom.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SteamBath Factory Give Away!! FREE!!!

Oh, I do love FREE!  And really, who doesn't??  SteamBath Factory and I have traded some goodies for a give away contest on our blogs.  Now, if you haven't visited her Etsy shop yet, you will really enjoy yourself.  She has some spectacular items listed with a touch of her vivid imagination thrown into the mix.

Since the latest version of Pirates of the Caribbean is making another warm spot in our hearts I choose this for your contest prize.  Mutiny Bath Minerals and I believe she is throwing in a mist to go with this scrumptious prize.
Mutiny Bath Minerals
 Now, here are your rules to win:

  1. Visit SteamBath Factory's Etsy shop and let me know your favorite item by leaving a comment on this blog for one entry.
  2. Follow my blog (if you already do, just leave me a note) for one entry.
  3. Follow me on twitter for one entry.  www.twitter.com/tjmbrdlady
  4. Refer a friend to follow me on this blog or on twitter.  Leave me a note with the link and the person for one entry each.
  5. Follow me on Facebook (like) www.facebook.com/MommaGoddessTreasures for one entry.
  6. For any extra entries do a shout out on your blog or facebook or twitter -- let me know for each entry.
  7. Follow SteamBath Factory to get bonus entries!!  Let me know how many you follow.
    1. http://steambathfactory.blogspot.com/
    2. http://twitter.com/SteamFactory
    3. https://www.facebook.com/Steam-Bath-Factory#!/pages/Steam-Bath-Factory/125524784130173
I will use random.org to choose the winner, but get plenty of entries in to improve your odds.

Good Luck!!!  Contest ends on June 2nd at 5:00 p.m. MDT. 

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    May Weddings! -- UWIB Blog Hop!

    The Unique Women in Business blog hop for May revolves around weddings.  Woo Hoo!!  Just right up my alley this month.  Please take the time to visit each person's blog and comment.  We spend so much time trying to ensure we get these blogs just perfect for you.

    Today's brides have the ability to shop all over the world for their special dream ideas.  No longer are they limited to what they are able to make themselves or find locally.   Such inspiration when you search the web.  Searching Etsy alone gives the bride unlimited ideas in ways to make her special day unique.

    I searched the UWIBteam on Etsy for wedding ideas and found some lovely items.  Erin's famous Carrie necklaces for bridesmaids are universal.

    Carrie in Bubblegum  

    Then what about those 'do it yourself brides' here's some awesome yo-yos from the I Love YoYo shop.

    Yo Yo set of 6
    Glitzy Events has Save the Date cards all the way through to your invitations and thank you notes.

    Opulent Layered Invitation
     LM Creations has been making fabulous clutches, with many perfect for that special day; what about a nice set for the bridesmaids?? 

    Daisy Ruffles Clutch
    The recent Royal Wedding brought a spotlight to the fascinator and look what I found at Audrey Garden Lady's shop.
    Vintage Pearl Fascinator

    Now don't forget about the beloved pet.  The brides are now including their dogs in the wedding scheme in some manner.  They should be well dressed and who better than Suzanne at Crazy for Collars to dress them. 
    Simple White Wedding Collar

    Just searching through Etsy with the uwibteam tag will bring many ideas for the inquisitive bride.  Now, I want to unveil my latest bridal necklace.  This would be great for the bride or the mother of the bride. 

    Coco Bridal Necklace

    I am excited to see how this one goes over with the brides.  Now, let's all take a minute to hop to each blog on this list and leave a comment.  Let them know you read their blog and give them some input.  It is fun to see what everyone comes up with for this blog hop.

    Contact me if you would like to join this inventive group of women.  We love to add new people to our group.  We learn from each other and support each and every person in this group.  Just love women supporting women!!

    Rita Wetzel http://RitasCreativeNest.com
    Judy Woodley http://WellspringCreations.blogspot.com
    Ann Rinkenberger http://harvestmoonbyhand.blogspot.com
    Cory Trusty http://aquarianbath.blogspot.com
    Nancy Pace http://NancysWildWireJewelry.blogspot.com
    Trudy Miller http://MommaGoddessTreasures.blogspot.com
    Linda Stranger http://capecoddreamer.blogspot.com
    Wendy Kelly http://blog.vintageday.com
    Miriam http://goldcrestbags.blogspot.com/

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    The Secret Room

    Does everyone have a secret room?  You know the one that you use to stash any extra 'stuff' when you are cleaning?  The one with the extra closet when yours is packed way too full?  The one that gets all the odds and ends until you have 'time' to decide what to do with it.  It's the one that you don't allow anyone to wander into by accident.  Gosh, I know I'm not the only one to have one; my friend told me she has one for sure.

    My secret room is supposed to be a guest room, but if my husband helps me clean he puts any and everything that he can't figure out where it goes into my room.  I also use it as my closet overflow and have turned it into my dressing room, complete with my vanity and various beauty aids.

    Can you guess where I'm heading with this?  I bet you can.  Somehow, and it seems like overnight, this room has turned into a total disaster.  I know I spend way too much time on my hobbies and having fun with my friends, but when did this room get so out of hand?  Now for the worst part . . .

    My brother is planning on attending the Good Guy car show with his fancy rebuilt (all by himself) 1955 GMC pickup truck, complete with red paint and flames.  We have been planning this for a year now, so it is no surprise to me.  
    Rocky's Ride
     Except this morning I looked around the room and thought, uh oh, Rocky is going to need a little room when he gets here.  He truly isn't very needy, but come on, at least get the suitcases off the bed from the last trip we took.

    So, today is the day.  The day I roll up my sleeves to take on the deep, dark depths of the 'secret' room.  If you never hear from me again, you will know I never found my way back out.  But, just imagine all the cool stuff I might find when I'm in there!!!

    Okay, now I'm supposed to have three boxes??  Is that right??  One to sell at a yard sale, one to toss, and one to donate . . . hmmmm, but what if I find something good that just doesn't fit in one of those boxes??  And why would I put stuff in a box if I'm just going to throw it away??  Oh, I think this organizing thing is just going to be too much for me to handle.  I hear some crystals and beads calling me to the studio.

    Just how much room does one guy need anyway??  He isn't bringing his wife so it is just one guy.  No, I must be strong . . . I can do this!  Let's see, I've got the boxes, some trash bags, dust cloth, furniture polish, vacuum, and a nice little glass of ice water.  No excuses to leave once I get in there.  I'll get the fresh sheets out once this room is ready.  Oh, perhaps I'll get the camera for a before and after picture.  Uh, no, I doubt I would let anyone see the before picture so why bother.

    Oh look, I've been looking for this book, I am so anxious to read it; perhaps I have time for just one chapter, I can sit right here on the corner of the bed . . .

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Hand Painted Silk Scarves

    I have a new passion, well, don't know how new it is, I have always loved them.  Now I am offering hand painted silk scarves in my shops and I love them!!  They are so much fun!  I keep offering more each week, but right now look at my treasures. 

    Great Barrier Reef
    I do love blues and teals together.  This gorgeous ocean blue and teal streaked scarf is hand painted and is 100% silk. Hand hemmed as well. The colors are so rich and true that they remind me of the Great Barrier Reef pictures I've seen. This is my way of going to a tropical locale.

    Lovely mixture of blues, greens, and teals dripping into each other to create a picture for you to wear with your favorite outfit. Imagine this with a Winter White outfit!!

    Over the Rainbow
    This one has been so popular that I've had to go back into the studio repeatedly to recreate it.  I personally love it because it will match absolutely anything you wear!!  It has a little of this and a little that until it truly makes me think rainbow!  One bride has asked for this in a sash and train for her wedding--I'll let you know how that turns out.  Still cogitating that one.

    Prim and Proper
    I call this one the Prim and Proper because the royal wedding was in full swing and I could picture one of the Royals wearing it.  The extraordinary part is one bride ordered these colors in a shawl for her mother to wear with her dress on the wedding day.  I received her response when she opened her package: "The shawl was FABULOUS!!! My mom loooooved it and she can't wait to wear it with her dress!!! Thanks again!"  It is so wonderful to hear from the recipients when they finally have their product in their hands.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a picture of her on the special day.

    Tropical Island
    Hmmmm, I'm starting to see a theme here; does this mean I need to take a vacation to someplace warm and sandy with palm trees?  Possibly.  This one is called Tropical Island and now I'm thinking how about a nice wrapper or sarong type thing to tie around your waist over your suit.  Yep, I'm really on a theme now.  Okay, how about wearing this lovely scarf with your white pant/short/dress suit to the garden wedding or picnic this summer.  See, I can get back to thinking more normally for the rest of us. 

    All the scarves are 11" x 60" and should be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water. Low iron steam.  But as you can tell, I am open to suggestions: need a shawl?  a larger scarf?  a poncho?  a ruana (big wrapper, my personal favorite)?  Contact me and let's use our imaginations together.
    I even received a custom order for a goddess in Australia.  She has goddess products and wanted the scarves to match her theme.  I think the match turned out so well.  Let me know what you think.  Here's a couple: 

    The paper shows what she sent me to match.  The scarf turned out luscious!  And she loved them.  She will be attending the Every Woman Expo at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre in Australia and will have these lovelies available.  Try to stop by to see her if you are in the area and tell her Momma Goddess sent you.

    Here's another sample of her new scarves.  I love how these colors are so rich and jewel like.  Her shop is called Goddess in a Bottle and she has some marvelous custom blended perfumes in addition to other goddess goodies available.  Stop by to see Tracey Jewel and tell her the Momma Goddess sent you.  Her shop will be the only place to buy these lovely scarves unless you find her at the expo. 

    Let me know what you think of my latest passion.  Also, do contact me if you want something special.

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    I Love Treasuries - Vintage

    My vintage theme continues with this treasury my mom made.  She is doing a great job with all this cyber stuff!!

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Vintage is the new Fad???

    The more I read, the more I find out about this latest craze for vintage or retro.  I have witnessed my daughter as she searches through thrift stores, garage sales and now Etsy for those precious vintage items.  She is just one of many who have decided to go 'green' to help save our environment and their march for the old is astonishing.

    With this in mind, I need to tell you about my mother.  She has a huge place on the lake with a guest house out back and two super-sized garages.  Yes, I learned my 'save everything' ways from my parents.  You just never know when we will have another depression.  Have you seen the "Grapes of Wrath"?  Holy cow, I watched that for a film class and now I'm even worse about throwing things out.  Anyway, I digress . . . my mother wants to move back to Colorado into a nice condo or patio home.  Needless to say, it will be time to scale down. 

    Her biggest problem is what to do with all her wonderful items she has collected or saved over the years.  After 60 years of marriage, my parents have accumulated a substantial treasure trove.  My daughter's idea was for grandma to open her own vintage Etsy shop.  After a little coaxing, she has done just that.  She is now the proud proprietor of the Azalea Attic on Etsy. 

    She grows azaleas all around her home at the lake in Oklahoma and Shilo thought that would be a fitting name for grandma's new venture.  My mother was an Avon lady for years and she did quite well.  She was in the President's Club and various other items.  She was a team leader, etc.  Now I think you know what is coming.  She not only purchased many treasures, but she earned some super special Avon awards as well.  Wow, wait until you see some of her goodies. 

    Miss Albee Thimble Set

    This thimble set is of the very first Avon lady, Miss Albee, and it shows her various outfits with hats over the years.  You couldn't purchase this, but could only earn it.  It was quite a prestigious award for the President's Club members.  She has it for sale in her new shop.

    American Heirloom Dragonfly Bowl
    This bowl is so delicate and colorful that she only displayed it.  It comes with it's own little stand.

    Avon Easter Bunny Lady

    Another award earned and isn't she a beauty.  This little Avon Easter Bunny has her Avon bag and is applying her last coat of lipstick before she approaches the door.  A keepsake for sure.

    Little Things Mean A Lot!
    Cherished Moments Last Forever!

    Both of these little figurines were made by Precious Moments specifically for Avon for Mother's Day.  What sweet sentiments they both portray and how nice would these be for a new mother for Mother's Day, or perhaps for that special person that has always been like a mother to you??

    Her shop is getting new items daily and I am hopeful she sells them all so she can move back to Colorado soon.  We can have so much fun if she were just a little closer.  She would love movie day with my friends or game night with the crowd. 

    Stop by her shop Azalea Attic and look through her goodies.  Post her on your Facebook and give her a tweet.  She even has her own twitter account @AzaleaAttic!

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Cinco de Mayo - Let's Celebrate!!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  The fifth of May in 1862, the Mexican army fought a battle in Puebla against the French army.  This battle was destined to be won by the French, but the Mexican people had more will and determination for freedom than many realized.  This date has been celebrated since then with much gusto and revelry by both the United States and the Mexican people. 

    In honor of this festive day, I am posting some of my popular Calaveras earrings; aka Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos, and Sugar Skulls.  There are probably more, but this is what I'm aware of at this time.  

    Dressed up version with bows!

    Purchased for a wedding!

     I can hardly wait to see the picture of the bride with these earrings on for the special day!!  

    I have them in all colors.  Just let me know what your favorite color is and I'll create a pair just for you!!  What about pink???

    Great for the girly girl!

     Purple, you say??

    Is Purple Regal??

    I could go on and on, but you get the drift.  These are fun and versatile.  Use them for Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead, or even for that wedding day!  I'll post her picture as soon as I receive it. 

    Enjoy some fun food and drink, as well as time with good friends.  Now, I'm off to make some margaritas and some tacos!!!  Celebrate!!