Friday, May 6, 2011

Vintage is the new Fad???

The more I read, the more I find out about this latest craze for vintage or retro.  I have witnessed my daughter as she searches through thrift stores, garage sales and now Etsy for those precious vintage items.  She is just one of many who have decided to go 'green' to help save our environment and their march for the old is astonishing.

With this in mind, I need to tell you about my mother.  She has a huge place on the lake with a guest house out back and two super-sized garages.  Yes, I learned my 'save everything' ways from my parents.  You just never know when we will have another depression.  Have you seen the "Grapes of Wrath"?  Holy cow, I watched that for a film class and now I'm even worse about throwing things out.  Anyway, I digress . . . my mother wants to move back to Colorado into a nice condo or patio home.  Needless to say, it will be time to scale down. 

Her biggest problem is what to do with all her wonderful items she has collected or saved over the years.  After 60 years of marriage, my parents have accumulated a substantial treasure trove.  My daughter's idea was for grandma to open her own vintage Etsy shop.  After a little coaxing, she has done just that.  She is now the proud proprietor of the Azalea Attic on Etsy. 

She grows azaleas all around her home at the lake in Oklahoma and Shilo thought that would be a fitting name for grandma's new venture.  My mother was an Avon lady for years and she did quite well.  She was in the President's Club and various other items.  She was a team leader, etc.  Now I think you know what is coming.  She not only purchased many treasures, but she earned some super special Avon awards as well.  Wow, wait until you see some of her goodies. 

Miss Albee Thimble Set

This thimble set is of the very first Avon lady, Miss Albee, and it shows her various outfits with hats over the years.  You couldn't purchase this, but could only earn it.  It was quite a prestigious award for the President's Club members.  She has it for sale in her new shop.

American Heirloom Dragonfly Bowl
This bowl is so delicate and colorful that she only displayed it.  It comes with it's own little stand.

Avon Easter Bunny Lady

Another award earned and isn't she a beauty.  This little Avon Easter Bunny has her Avon bag and is applying her last coat of lipstick before she approaches the door.  A keepsake for sure.

Little Things Mean A Lot!
Cherished Moments Last Forever!

Both of these little figurines were made by Precious Moments specifically for Avon for Mother's Day.  What sweet sentiments they both portray and how nice would these be for a new mother for Mother's Day, or perhaps for that special person that has always been like a mother to you??

Her shop is getting new items daily and I am hopeful she sells them all so she can move back to Colorado soon.  We can have so much fun if she were just a little closer.  She would love movie day with my friends or game night with the crowd. 

Stop by her shop Azalea Attic and look through her goodies.  Post her on your Facebook and give her a tweet.  She even has her own twitter account @AzaleaAttic!

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