Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I Love Treasuries

The Etsy treasuries are picks from the various Etsy shops chosen by other Etsy artists.  It is such an honor when your items are selected.  If these treasuries turn out to be popular; i.e., tons of clicks, tons of view, tons of comments . . . well, you get the drift.  The Etsy admin staff will choose different treasuries to be featured on the coveted "Front Page of Etsy" and/or even selected for an "Etsy Finds."

Each one of these coveted spots will bring hundreds of views to your particular item and shop; thus increasing your chance for sales.  I know we all LOVE to create and make our treasures, but to be honest with you, we are all about the sales!!

The Etsy teams work to help each other gain notoriety and possibly reach those coveted spots.  We help each other to succeed.  Success is dependent on the person and their particular goals.  Yes, we all make goals.  Some on paper; some on an inspiration board; some in coaching sessions; others in whispered prayers; but we all make goals or promises we make to ourselves. 

My latest goal is to reach 300 sales by my Etsy anniversary in May.  Others set their goals by dollars made in a particular time period, or bills paid.  We all create our beauties with the intent to share them with the world and are thrilled when someone 'out there' finds our creation and loves it enough to purchase it.  When we wrap our treasures in our own artistic method and tuck it in the package to send to a new home, we all smile.  We are one step closer to our goal and our item made from our imagination and with love will soon be with someone that will love it (we hope) as we intended.

Feedback is such an important thing for the artist to receive.  We anxiously check the feedback each day just as we check for sales.  It makes you proud and happy all over again to receive some great feedback and to find out how much your item is liked and cherished.

So, I started out just trying to let you know why I love treasuries and why they are important for those of you who aren't Etsy regulars.  For some reason this turned into a full fledged article.  Sorry, I know I usually carry on about Hockey!!

Speaking of . . . the Colorado Eagles are in the Turner Conference Finals!!  Starting Friday!!

Okay, that's enough for tonight, but please do take the time to look at the shops included in some of these treasuries.  You may find a new treasure, or a lovely gift for Mother's Day, or a birthday, or an 'atta girl/boy . . . leave me a comment to let me know what you found.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I Love Treasuries - Wedding Trip