Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FOUR Days to Go!!

Oh, it is coming down to the wire.  I hope you mailed your gifts today that need to get to parts unknown.  Now that you have that out of the way, let's finish wrapping everything that you will need for this weekend. 

  • Make a list of people who you want to remember with a little something.  
  • Check your stash to ensure you have something for each person on this list.
  • Make a list of voids in your list; i.e., a name on the list, but nothing in the stash.
  • You know what you have to do next -- run to the store to pick up last minute items.
  • Hopefully, you have enough energy to finish your wrapping when you get home.
Now, don't stress too much, you can finish the wrapping tomorrow if need be.  But be sure you have everything together when you are ready to wrap.
  1. Tissue Paper
  2. Wrapping Paper
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Ribbon and/or bows
  6. Tags (you can make your own on the computer) & pen
  7. Any decorative items you like to tie on the package for a little flair
  8. Gift bags are always fun and easy!
Okay, get to work.  Don't forget when you are finished to store everything in one location for future use.  I have one of those large plastic tubs that holds everything.  When I finish I put it all back and it goes downstairs on the shelf until I need it again.  Yes, I even put a pair of scissors in there.  They aren't that expensive any more and you will be glad to have them right where you need them.

Remember, just four more days to go so don't dilly dally now.  Once you are finished, then you can have that coveted movie or book day!

Leave a comment if you have some other great ideas for us.

Monday, December 19, 2011

FIVE Days to Go!!!

Oy, FIVE more days to go!!  I do hope you have been getting your wrapping finished.  Okay, I know that I have some wishful thinking going on here when many of you haven't even finished shopping.  Let's be honest, some of my friends are just getting started with their shopping.  If you are in that same boat, then let me help you with a few last minute ideas from the handmade shops on Etsy.  I have perused the Etsytwitter Team shops today to look for some goodies.

To start out I found this very cool little pendant (since I am an avid Potter fan, I couldn't pass this one up) in the Pretty Whimsical shop.  Perfect for any of those teen/tween girls on that long list.
Team Potter Scrabble Piece
Now what about that co-worker??  I found this adorable desk calendar from Maddesign and I believe it would be the perfect gift for that person who has everything.  
2012 Desk Calendar
 I found some adorable little lollipop ornaments in the shop called From Nancy's Heart.  These are so cute that you could use them when you tie the bow on the package serving as a decoration and a little extra gift for their tree.
Lollipop Ornaments
Look at these great Lavender Rose lip balms from Aquarian Bath.  These would be super great stocking stuffers for that special morning or how about giving to your mail person, your pet groomer, your most important hair dresser, your massage therapist (yes, some people have a regular), or even your neighbor.
Lip Balm
 Here is an awesome idea!  Pick up some of these great cup sweaters from Kim White Creations to use for gifts to some of your friends who love to drive thru that local coffee shack on their way to work or play.  Stick a gift card from that coffee shack inside it and you are all set!
Cup Sweaters in Various Colors
If you need to look a little more, please search Etsytwitter Team on Etsy to find more handmade goodies from this hard working team.

Good luck on finalizing that list!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

SIX More Days to Go!!

Now it is Sunday, and I think it should be a good day to finalize those lists, do some wrapping, and prepare any packages for mailing.  Oh, you like to watch the football games as well?!?!  Want to see what Tim Tebow does this week????  Okay, move your stash to the same room as the big screen and keep working on your list.

Speaking of Tebow, here's an adorable Denver Bronco collar in all sizes from Kady's Pet Couture.  
Perfect for that avid fan on your list.  Kady had a few other teams in her shop as well; OU, 49ers, Nebraska Huskers, K State, KU, if you don't see what you want, just ask.  Ohhh, planning a football party, check out these little tags:
 Imagine the possibilities for these little tags!!  Gift tags, drink tags, place cards, invitations, leave your ideas in the comments section.

Okay, now I need to get some items finished so I can stay on schedule.  We'll check in again tomorrow with a few ideas for your last minute scurry.

Friday, December 16, 2011

One More Week to Go!!

Do we have any procrastinators in the crowd??  I know I am notorious for that exact problem.  I even have the gifts, but haven't gotten them ready to ship just yet.  I have been busy shipping for everyone else though.

Who knew that the silk scarves were going to be so popular???  They do make luscious gifts for that hard to buy for person on your list.  AND I gift wrap each and every one when it goes out.  Let me help you get your item to that special person!!  I'll even include a gift card from you.

These are just three of the new colors you will find in my shop for the 11" x 60" size hand painted silk scarves.  I have many other colors so stop by my Etsy shop to discover the other colors.

Here is one of my larger scarves sized 18" x 72" that have been added by special request for the chemo patient.  These scarves are longer, wider and just plain luxurious.  I have them in several colors right now, but would be happy to make you whatever colors you desire.  Just contact me with any special orders.

I now have a few hand painted silk ponchos that I absolutely LOVE!!!  Anyone who knows me will testify that I love to wear the silk ponchos or ruanas everywhere I go!!  I feel so pretty! Oh so Pretty!  Oops, sorry, I was starting to sing.  Here are two of the new ponchos; one in the Over the Rainbow color that has been so popular in the scarves and one Magnolia red and black poncho that will take a relaxed little black dress or black pant suit from day to a nice evening on the town!

Stop by to pick up a few for your holidays.  I promise to gift wrap AND you will have it in time for Christmas if you live in the United States.  Sorry, can't make that promise for the International orders, but the USPS can't control the shipping when it leaves the states.

I'll be checking in with you again before the big festivities begin.

My Etsy shop is:  www.MommaGoddess.Etsy.com

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just 13 Days until Christmas?!?

It is that time of year again and everyone is starting to realize the date on the calendar.  For those who celebrate the holidays it is a busy and hectic time.  I, for one, do not have a clue if I have everything ready for the big day.  I have been so busy working on items in my shop that I haven't really had time to worry about it.

I generally purchase goodies all year long so that I am fairly ready when the time comes, both financially and time wise!  I remember when I used to get off work early on Christmas Eve and would run to the mall to finish my shopping.  Oy vey!  One year the electricity went out just when I gave my pile of gifts to the check out lady.  Not good at all.  Those were the days when they knew their customers and trusted them.  She wrote it all down and said not to worry--so off I ran to do the wrap job and get the girls ready to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Christmas Eve was always a special time with Grandpa and Grandma.  The house was decorated and holiday music was playing.  We always had a pot of chili and one of oyster stew (nope, I didn't even think of trying that one).  

Grandma would put out all kinds of veggies, dips, cheese balls, crackers, sliced summer sausage, etc.  It was definitely a party!
Then she always had platters of home-made candies.  Hmmm, starting to understand the weight issue now.

Well, this year my family is all far from here and I need to ship my precious cargo to each one so they will have their stash in time for their own holiday festivities.  You know I can't wait until the last minute now.  I am wrapping and trying to get things together to ship, but I keep getting ideas for new jewelry pieces.

Today I decided to check out my stock of pottery shard pieces to create some treasures with them.  They always make nice gifts.  Look what I came up with utilizing a couple:
Purple Faceted Agate
I love purple so I started with this one.  I am even including the earrings with the necklace.  It turned out so nice that I wonder if I should wrap it for one of my gifts to send.
Pink & Purple Stones
Well, since I was in the purple mood, I found these great hot pink and purple multi-colored pieces that looked great with this pottery shard.  

I like the history behind the potter shards.  I have been told by my supplier that the Chinese people dig around in the old ruins of the pottery factories and find these pieces.  They then wrap them with the metal and prepare them for sale.  I think it is nice to have a piece of history.  And who said you couldn't have something from the Ming Dynasty??  

Yesterday I went in a more earthy direction with these pieces:
Amazon Time

These rich colors made me drift to the Amazon and the jungles for a little safari.  They are both similar, but the stones are a little different.
Jungle Time
Perhaps I watched too many Tarzan movies growing up, but I think Jane would like this one.  Of course, the earrings come with it.

Take a little time to visit my shop to see what else I may be working on for your holiday gifts.

Let me know how your shopping is coming along and what are some of your memories of the holidays past.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Specials from the Unique Women in Business Group

The Unique Women in Business group is a worldwide group of women supporting other women in business.  We teach each other, support each other, cry together over losses and failures, and we celebrate together our wins and achievements.  This group not only has a special website with items to help you make your holiday purchases called My Unique Gift Guide, but now we have a special event scheduled for Cyber Monday!!

We have put together a special treasury featuring all UWIB shoppes offering a 10% discount to all shoppers.  The coupon code to use is UWIBTEAM10 in any of these shops.  Now, don't think you need to just stick with the item featured in the shop--spend some time going through these unique shops and find some awesome treasures to delight your friends and family.  Don't forget to use the code for any of your purchases!  Now here is the link to the treasury:  UWIB Cyber Monday Treasury.

I spent a little time perusing their shops to come up with some great items for my list of needs.  Let's shop together!!

Let's stop first at the HandmadeBits4U shop for my absolute favorite purchase this year.  I'm picking these up for all of my family.  It is the greatest find and I use it so often.
Microwave Bowl PotHolder  
Now let's go to ShantiAromatherapy for some good smells and aromas!!  Ahhhhh!!  So nice.  One of my friends has started to feel the wonderful side effects of menopause and is constantly having hot flashes.  So, guess what I'm picking up for her stocking??
Hot Flash!
RobinMariePedrero Arts is a mainstay in my shopping round.  Her artwork is so colorful and happy!  I think everyone needs a piece in their home.   With 10% off, how can you possibly go wrong??  She even makes cards, iphone skins, fine art bags, etc.  But this piece is calling me and I have the perfect recipient in mind.
Mariposa Butterfly in the Morning Light
JMJ Creations is a wonderful jewelry shop for the feminine woman in your life.  Everything she creates is so delicate and special.  I know, I know, I make jewelry, but come on--we all create different styles and I love to own hers.  So this holiday season will be a perfect time to get some of these special rings for my daughters, for myself, for my friends, for myself, for my cousins, for myself, oh you get the picture.
Amethyst Crystal Ring
Crazy for Collars has such special items for pets.  I personally own many of her collars, harnesses, and these adorable tags.  My little fur babies each have one on their collar with all the important info.   Now I think I will get some for gifts for my brother's dog, my mother's dog, hmmm, who else needs one??  Doesn't have to be for a dog does it?  How about a back pack tag for the kid's school pack?  They come in hearts as well.
Engraved Dog Tags
Honey From the Bee has some awesome nature inspired pieces in her shop.  I have selected this gorgeous piece because she actually made the pendant herself as well as the ribbon tips.  She is such an artist!
Gingko Leaf with Opal Silver Pendant
Vintage Day has a plethora of vintage items in her shop.  My daughter, Shilo, loves vintage and I know I will be able to find some great stocking stuffers in this shop.  I found this awesome piece that my imagination is tweaking into a great bridal piece, hmmmmm.
Pink Floral Barrett
Aquarian Bath is full of luscious finds.  You can just imagine the smells as you click through these pictures.  I love her flax seed pillows and plan to pick up a couple for gifts again this year.  They do come in different colors and they feel so wonderful, especially when heated.
Lavender Flax Neck Pillow
SerebaDesigns has some special and totally unique pieces in her shop.  She has a special knitted bracelet that is even being published in an upcoming book.  We anxiously await the book.  In the meantime, I found some super soft hand knit scarves for the cold winter ahead.
Lavender Pink Scarf

PreciousDesirables offers a variety of hand painted items, candles, glasses, and other fun items.  I have selected this gorgeous light switch plate cover as a gift for a friend in a new home.  I think it will add some lovely flowers to the room each time she turns on the light.
Rose Design Light Switch
ChicArtistique has some intricate pieces of jewelry in her shop.  What a fun to see how other artists create such special pieces with wire and crystals.  I absolutely love this necklace and I know it takes a true artist to make it so spectacular.  I can't wait to give this as a gift.  And she has reduced the price!!!
Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
EarthExpressions creates a variety of zen and nature inspired items.  She has handmade soaps and some awesome polymer clay pieces.  Here's a unique piece that is fashioned in the technique called Mokume Gane.  I am so intrigued that I must get one of these.
Chameleon Abstract Pendant
CapeCodJewelry fashions her pieces with visions from the sea.  It all has such a strong current to it that you can actually hear the sea gulls overhead as you shop in her boutique.  I am torn in many directions, but think this bracelet may be the perfect gift for the next person on my list.
Cape Cod Style Seashell Bracelet
Last, but not least, let's check out my shop, Momma Goddess, I have been experimenting with silk and colors.  Check out my silk scarves for the perfect gift for that hard to buy for woman.  I can make shawls or ponchos as well.
Great Barrier Reef
So, listen up everyone, tomorrow is Cyber Monday and you need to take advantage of these special women and their awesome sale just for the day!!! 

Remember, use coupon code UWIBTEAM10 in any of these shops to receive 10% off.  Go to this treasury:   Cyber Monday Holiday Deals 10% Off UWIB  to get started or to finish that holiday list.  The days are ticking away from you.  I believe there are just 27 days left.

If you are interested in joining our group, be sure to contact me and I'll hook you up.

Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Relaxing in Orlando!

Both of my girls, Shilo and Tara, live in Orlando, Florida; which is so far away from Colorado and me. So, I am on my yearly trek to Florida to visit the girls.

I must admit that it was a refreshing change to land here when I left snow on the ground and my tree limbs in the yard!

So far, we have had lovely weather--even on the rainy day--we relaxed and read.  We ate at a few restaurants taking advantage of the outdoor areas the most.

 We took one day to visit one of my Unique Women in Business friends and her daughter, Danielle and Renee, at Renee's animal compound.  Now that girl LOVES cats!!  Here is just one of her darlings, Diva:

Just like everything, good things must come to an end . . . so I bid farewell to my sweet girls and their beloved pets to return home to conquer the cold, dry air in Colorado.  I have been busy catching up on orders and shipping treasures to some anxious brides.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

As most of you know, I lost a dear friend, Sande Fuqua, to breast cancer so this cause is very important to me.  Kady's Pet Couture has made pink ribbon dog and cat collars to remind people about breast cancer awareness.  For each collar sold this month, we will donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Awareness foundation.  Help us fight this dreaded disease!!

Pink Ribbon Dog Collar
 The dog collars come in a plethora of sizes: from the smallest Chihauhau to the biggest Saint Bernard.  If you don't see the size you need just let us know and we will make it to fit.  They come with or without the bow.  I still haven't perfected the bow tie for those fellas in the crowd.  Working on it though.
Pink Ribbon Cat Breakaway Collar
The newest addition to our line is the adorable little breakaway cat collars.  They come with or without the bow, but each one has a bell!!  We make them in two adjustable sizes--so we can fit the new kitty or tame that growing leopard you have in the house.

Stop by our Etsy shop: Kady's Pet Couture to help us lick this disease!!  Together we WILL make a difference!! 

Pink adjustable buckles

Monday, October 10, 2011

Life in Greeley continues . . .

Spiders, Jack-O-Lanterns, Fall Colors, Skulls & Crossbones
This weekend was the Greeley Tribune Art & Craft show at Island Grove. Although the weather refused to cooperate, we still had a nice turnout. Certainly not fair weather shoppers since we had a dip in temperature and received a wonderful, albeit chilly, rain to quench any Autumn thirst the plants and trees may have.

Kady's Pet Couture was set up in full holiday spirit. We offered many choices for those Diva pets in your household. We continued on the college theme by adding the Nebraska Huskers, as well as some lovely UNC Bears items. So cute and very popular this time of year. We even had some Bronco collars, although our Broncos lost their game, a true fan will continue to wear the blue and orange.

Since October is National Breast Cancer awareness month we have a special Pink Ribbon fabric, which also has some lucky Lady bugs on it, with some pretty pink bows to which I also added a generous spattering of sparkles to create the special look we were after.  For each Pink Ribbon collar sold this month, we will donate $2 to the Breast Cancer research fund.
A Happy Customer! 

This Spider didn't scare her!!
We had such a great time meeting the people and many had their adorable little fur babies with them!!  Sweet!

Next Saturday we plan to be at the Johnstown Quilt and Craft Festival.  Bring out your little doll to meet us and see what new items we will have for you.

Holiday Collars include Snowflakes, Candy Canes, & Santa   

Friday, September 30, 2011

I Am HOME!!!

I am home from my journeys to Kansas and back, times two; once for the Art in the Park in Garden City, Kansas; and back again for the Whimmydiddle in Scott City, Kansas.  

The weather was absolutely beautiful for both weekends and the turnout was awesome.  I enjoyed seeing so many past customers and meeting many new ones.  

Art in the Park
The Garden City event was paired with the Downtown Fall Fest, so we had activities galore.  They had a car show, boxing matches, art every where; just to name a few.  I was lucky enough to be next to a graffiti artist who did a demonstration during the day.  
My side view
 He wrapped tons of cellophane around two large trees to create a canvas on which to work.  He then used his spray cans to create this work of art.  I believe it contains his signature, but wait until you see the other side!
Front Side
This was the other side of the cellophane canvas.  Awesome!  He is quite the artist and it was so mesmerizing to watch him work.  Too bad many of them have to work in the dead of night to create their art.
Garden City
I had a great day in Garden City, then rushed home to ship orders and create new items for the next weekend.
Whimmydiddle in Scott City
The Whimmydiddle usually has at least 10,000 people during the one day.  They travel from all over the surrounding states to attend this one day art and craft festival.  I must admit that it was such a lovely day and there were so many people that I am sure they reached that number or may have actually surpassed it this year.

I added some on my hand painted silk in the form of scarves, ponchos, sconchos, shawls, and some ruanas (large capes).  They were received quite well by the shoppers and my efforts were rewarded.

I also unveiled the newest line of handmade dog collars from the shop that Kathy Kaberline and I have opened:  Kady's Pet Couture.  We currently have dog collars and cute little cards, but will soon have leashes and cat collars, in addition to whatever else our little minds come up with--bird toys for sure.
Chi Chi with Hot Pink Leopard with Black Bow
Here is one of our first happy customers--he is posing so proud for his picture.  He knows he looks good.
Beyonce posing with K State Collar
Since we were in the great state of Kansas, we offered a few select K State collars and also included KU.  They were very popular with these folks.  They certainly do embrace the Beach Boys' song: "Be True to Your School."  
Beyonce in her Jaguar collar
Beyonce was a great model for the collars (of course, you can't see her grandpa standing there with a treat in hand).  You have to know that there will be plenty of animal print with me involved.

It was a lovely trip with great weather, energetic shoppers, talented artists, and special time spent with family.

If you are interested in some pet gifts stop by our new shop:

We are always trying to reinvent something fun for the fur babies.