Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just 13 Days until Christmas?!?

It is that time of year again and everyone is starting to realize the date on the calendar.  For those who celebrate the holidays it is a busy and hectic time.  I, for one, do not have a clue if I have everything ready for the big day.  I have been so busy working on items in my shop that I haven't really had time to worry about it.

I generally purchase goodies all year long so that I am fairly ready when the time comes, both financially and time wise!  I remember when I used to get off work early on Christmas Eve and would run to the mall to finish my shopping.  Oy vey!  One year the electricity went out just when I gave my pile of gifts to the check out lady.  Not good at all.  Those were the days when they knew their customers and trusted them.  She wrote it all down and said not to worry--so off I ran to do the wrap job and get the girls ready to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Christmas Eve was always a special time with Grandpa and Grandma.  The house was decorated and holiday music was playing.  We always had a pot of chili and one of oyster stew (nope, I didn't even think of trying that one).  

Grandma would put out all kinds of veggies, dips, cheese balls, crackers, sliced summer sausage, etc.  It was definitely a party!
Then she always had platters of home-made candies.  Hmmm, starting to understand the weight issue now.

Well, this year my family is all far from here and I need to ship my precious cargo to each one so they will have their stash in time for their own holiday festivities.  You know I can't wait until the last minute now.  I am wrapping and trying to get things together to ship, but I keep getting ideas for new jewelry pieces.

Today I decided to check out my stock of pottery shard pieces to create some treasures with them.  They always make nice gifts.  Look what I came up with utilizing a couple:
Purple Faceted Agate
I love purple so I started with this one.  I am even including the earrings with the necklace.  It turned out so nice that I wonder if I should wrap it for one of my gifts to send.
Pink & Purple Stones
Well, since I was in the purple mood, I found these great hot pink and purple multi-colored pieces that looked great with this pottery shard.  

I like the history behind the potter shards.  I have been told by my supplier that the Chinese people dig around in the old ruins of the pottery factories and find these pieces.  They then wrap them with the metal and prepare them for sale.  I think it is nice to have a piece of history.  And who said you couldn't have something from the Ming Dynasty??  

Yesterday I went in a more earthy direction with these pieces:
Amazon Time

These rich colors made me drift to the Amazon and the jungles for a little safari.  They are both similar, but the stones are a little different.
Jungle Time
Perhaps I watched too many Tarzan movies growing up, but I think Jane would like this one.  Of course, the earrings come with it.

Take a little time to visit my shop to see what else I may be working on for your holiday gifts.

Let me know how your shopping is coming along and what are some of your memories of the holidays past.

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