Saturday, January 23, 2010

UWIBteam FREE Shipping weekend!

Check out the Unique Women in Business Etsy team for our first united weekend sale!!  Many of our women are offering FREE Shipping for specific items in their shops.  Search uwibteamfs in Etsy to locate our shops!!

Here's a few I found with great items:

Sands of the Desert Necklace  located at CobwebCorner

Purple Polka Dot Korker Piggies located at KorkinKute

at CrazyforCollars

located at gmPursanalities

Check out all the great Unique Women in Business for our first Free Shipping weekend event!! 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January is COLD!!

The entire nation seems to be in a giant deep freeze!  I know it has been extremely cold here--so cold I skipped a free lunch!!  Really, I'm not going out when it is 8 degrees BELOW zero; not even for a free Indian Taco!

This big chill has done more for me besides freezing the lakes thicker for my husband to go ice fishing; it has given me time to get a little more organized at home.   I have been tossing and cleaning, when I'm not in the studio. 

I keep coming up with new ideas and then I drop everything to head to the studio to work on the new idea.  Tonight I made a cute little Valentine Heart bracelet!

We want to think ahead for the upcoming holiday, don't wait until the last minute to get your orders in!  I know I have to think ahead so I can ship my gifts to my girls in Florida.

What about a nice red heart necklace with earrings? 

Sometimes we want to think more practical for some of our gifts, if so let's think Oil & Vinegar bottles!  These little bottles have been so popular.  Not only for food items, but for dish soap, bubble bath, laundry items; i.e., fabric softener, liquid soap, etc.  Each bottle comes with a pour spout.

Whatever you choose to give, remember hand made!   . . . and stay WARM!  Hopefully, it will be warmer by Valentine's Day.