Saturday, January 9, 2010

January is COLD!!

The entire nation seems to be in a giant deep freeze!  I know it has been extremely cold here--so cold I skipped a free lunch!!  Really, I'm not going out when it is 8 degrees BELOW zero; not even for a free Indian Taco!

This big chill has done more for me besides freezing the lakes thicker for my husband to go ice fishing; it has given me time to get a little more organized at home.   I have been tossing and cleaning, when I'm not in the studio. 

I keep coming up with new ideas and then I drop everything to head to the studio to work on the new idea.  Tonight I made a cute little Valentine Heart bracelet!

We want to think ahead for the upcoming holiday, don't wait until the last minute to get your orders in!  I know I have to think ahead so I can ship my gifts to my girls in Florida.

What about a nice red heart necklace with earrings? 

Sometimes we want to think more practical for some of our gifts, if so let's think Oil & Vinegar bottles!  These little bottles have been so popular.  Not only for food items, but for dish soap, bubble bath, laundry items; i.e., fabric softener, liquid soap, etc.  Each bottle comes with a pour spout.

Whatever you choose to give, remember hand made!   . . . and stay WARM!  Hopefully, it will be warmer by Valentine's Day.

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