Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Relaxing in Orlando!

Both of my girls, Shilo and Tara, live in Orlando, Florida; which is so far away from Colorado and me. So, I am on my yearly trek to Florida to visit the girls.

I must admit that it was a refreshing change to land here when I left snow on the ground and my tree limbs in the yard!

So far, we have had lovely weather--even on the rainy day--we relaxed and read.  We ate at a few restaurants taking advantage of the outdoor areas the most.

 We took one day to visit one of my Unique Women in Business friends and her daughter, Danielle and Renee, at Renee's animal compound.  Now that girl LOVES cats!!  Here is just one of her darlings, Diva:

Just like everything, good things must come to an end . . . so I bid farewell to my sweet girls and their beloved pets to return home to conquer the cold, dry air in Colorado.  I have been busy catching up on orders and shipping treasures to some anxious brides.

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