Friday, October 14, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

As most of you know, I lost a dear friend, Sande Fuqua, to breast cancer so this cause is very important to me.  Kady's Pet Couture has made pink ribbon dog and cat collars to remind people about breast cancer awareness.  For each collar sold this month, we will donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Awareness foundation.  Help us fight this dreaded disease!!

Pink Ribbon Dog Collar
 The dog collars come in a plethora of sizes: from the smallest Chihauhau to the biggest Saint Bernard.  If you don't see the size you need just let us know and we will make it to fit.  They come with or without the bow.  I still haven't perfected the bow tie for those fellas in the crowd.  Working on it though.
Pink Ribbon Cat Breakaway Collar
The newest addition to our line is the adorable little breakaway cat collars.  They come with or without the bow, but each one has a bell!!  We make them in two adjustable sizes--so we can fit the new kitty or tame that growing leopard you have in the house.

Stop by our Etsy shop: Kady's Pet Couture to help us lick this disease!!  Together we WILL make a difference!!
Pink adjustable buckles

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