Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Spring!! UWIB Bloghop!

Spring Butterfly from JMJ Creations
Red Trees from Beegrl
It is March and it is Spring!!  We all love Spring, don't we??  Well, it is finally here and the bulbs are up, blooming, and filling the air with fragrance.  The trees are budding out and soon all will be green.  As we drove farther south toward Oklahoma we noticed the trees were fuller and lusher the closer we got to my Mom's house.  The Red-bud trees were all in bloom and the countryside was interspersed with the gorgeous green leaves and the bright reddish-pink flowers.  The farther south we drove we found some of the white dogwoods were even in bloom.  I can hardly wait for the drive home because I know even more will be blooming.

Birds & Bees from Paperquick
So what does Spring mean to us??  I know I think of the blooms from the early bulbs peeking their little noses out of the dead leaves and grass.  I love the return of the robins, watching them choose their birdhouse in my backyard for their nesting. 

Easter Eggs from Crazy for Collars
I like to start putting out the bunnies and eggs with Easter in mind.  And of course, we all start thinking about spring cleaning!  What is it about this time of year that actually makes us non-cleaners want to wash the windows and clean out the cabinets?? 

So, if we must clean and organize, then so be it; but where to begin, the all important question.  You know there are many websites out there willing to help us de-clutter or organize our homes or workplaces.  I absolutely love the Fly Lady!  She has easy and step-by-step techniques for keeping things orderly.  Her technique is through coaching and many people need that.  Check her out at for some daily ideas. 

Then there is the list method and I love the List Plan It site.  She has many types of lists, including Spring Cleaning lists; ways to de-clutter your kitchen; and even recipes for making your own natural cleaners.  Pick up some hand painted bottles for those home made cleaners.
Bottles from Momma Goddess
I personally like the 'sit and think about it' method.  I enjoy sitting in my studio working on my latest creation and thinking about where I should start when I finish.  It really suits me, but it isn't for everyone.  Okay, if we must clean, then let's use cute handmade items.  So, while you do the blog hop, please watch for some great handmade ideas from the Unique Women in Business Etsy team.  Then hop back here and give me some ideas.  

Now let's do a little blog hopping throughout the Unique Women in Business realm to see what is on their minds for Spring.  Stop back to let me know what Spring means to you.  I love comments!

Here's the list for this month:

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  1. The Fly Lady has some great ideas for sure!! You picked some great UWIB items to represent spring!

  2. Thank you so very very much for featuring my butterfly necklace! I thoroughly enjoyed your description of nature on the road to Oklahoma! AND I am definitely going to consult with the "FlyLady" before I start my Spring cleaning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. We're doing a lot of spring cleaning here. The glass bottles you have in your shop are such pretty ones. Having soaps and cleansers in pretty containers almost MAKES one want to clean!

    Harvest Moon by Hand

  4. I need to Spring clean. Those painted bottles are gorgeous.

  5. I have been a fan of Fly Lady for years! What a surprise,like minds.
    Your blog is super springy, really gave me a boost.
    Now 1 more UWIB blog to read and promote then off to bed:0

  6. I like your glass bottles, they are very 'spring-y' I can picture them used as a vase with a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

    I noticed your wild zebra piece featured on the left side of your blog...LOVE zebra print and pink - that's a win win!

  7. I enjoyed your car trip! Not once did I find myself crying out, "Are we there yet!" Now, I must be on the road to visit our next sister's blog.

  8. I too have been a fan of Fly Lady, although I think I need her to help me in person ;).
    Your posting is filled with vibrant colors that tell me that spring is on the way.

  9. I am not much for spring cleaning but am being forced to this year due to transfer season:) That being said, I won't have any good ideas for you but appreciate the tips you gave!

  10. How sweet of you to feature fellow uwibers! Love your post and all the Spring finds. Happy Spring!

  11. Oooh I love those new tags from paper quick. Thanks for sharing the love.

  12. Great blogpost! I have to say that I actually like spring cleaning. There is something so refreshing sending the winters dust bunnies on the road and cleaning the windows letting the sun in :-)

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    Blog :
    Twitter :

  13. ROFLOL... I'm right there with you on the "sit and think about it" train. ;)
    Great post!

    Linda :)

  14. Hey Trudy, What a great selection from our teamies and wonderful advice from the Fly if I can only follow some of it myself..LOL!