Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Weddings!

Spring is here and those brides are working hard to get ready for the upcoming wedding season.  I am busy trying to keep up with those eager brides.  Let me share some of the latest trending and pieces I am creating.

Black Onyx with Teals
 Teal is a popular color this season; and I have one bride that wants it combined with black and ivory.  Here is one necklace I made for her review, which features a large black onyx focal piece and ivory with teal pearls.  I am still waiting for her decision.  We will see if she wants changes or likes it the way it is.
Matching earrings

 Here are the earrings she requested to match the necklace.

 Next the brides are all about flowers in their pieces.  This necklace is one of the most popular and are made with a variety of changes to match the wedding theme.
Going to the Chapel
 I am currently making this one with dusty rose pearls and cream roses.  I will be sure to post a picture when they are finished.

Pretty Pretty Princess

 Okay, no one has requested this one, but I made it up when I got a wild hair and thought it turned out so precious.  Let me know what you think.  You know the brides always want something that no one else has--ha! I know this will fit the bill.

What about the earrings??  Some are looking for the vintage estate style, while others want something just pretty to match their colors.

Now to end this little piece I want to share with you my pièce de résistance.  I worked on this one for quite some time and I think it turned out great!

Crystal & Pearl Necklace  
 I absolutely love a challenge and am thrilled when a bride shares her dress pictures with me and I am able to create the jewelry she envisions.  I always request finished pictures from the special day and will share those with you as I receive them.


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