Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did Someone Say Hair Bling??

One of the important little decisions a bride must make is how to wear her hair.  She wants to look absolutely stunning for the day and be able to move  and have fun as well.  Should she wear it up?  Should she wear it down?  How will the veil fit?  Will there be a veil?  What about the reception--after the veil comes off??  So many questions to answer.  Most brides will meet with the hair dresser far in advance of the big day for a trial run.  Some take their veil, some show up with nothing, and others will appear with a handful of bling to be utilized in some manner.

I have had several orders for the big day bling.   Here are a couple items from two different brides:

Sparkles and Pearls on hair pins to be scattered throughout her hair.

Small delicate comb with crystals and pearls for a delicate touch.

One chose the larger comb to fasten to the top of her veil.

While one chose a comb with feathers attached to give her a touch of drama!

Each bride has a different and unique vision for her special day and I'm only too happy to help them achieve that perfect vision.

Tomorrow we will check out some wedding garters!!  Stay tuned.


  1. Those are absolutely usual! I'm sure they'll be thrilled. The genius is, after all, in the details

  2. beautiful! I am lovcing your wedding line - so elegant!

  3. Trudy, you have been busy! I love these hair accessories, especially the pin with feathers :-)