Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adorable Flower Girls in Every Wedding

Yes, we all have heard the horror stories of the flower girls in many weddings, but we continue to have them because they are so darn cute!!  The wedding I'm working on at the present is no different.  They have selected an adorable little flower girl to be part of that 'oh, so special day.'   So, tasked with the idea that she, too, needs some bling for the wedding, they sent me a picture of her dress (with her in it, of course).
Here she is in all her glory!  They will have flowers for her hair, but her interest was in the sparkles she saw all around her.  So we made sure she would sparkle as well.

I made her a delicate little necklace with teardrop crystals in the front and a nice stretchy bracelet with crystals to match the bridesmaid necklaces.  Now, I hope she will be able to stop looking at her sparkles long enough to throw some flower petals down as she meanders down the aisle.  


  1. Lovely! She will look even more adorable!

  2. Sweet post. Nice job on the necklace. Not always easy to design for little ones, but you hit it on the mark!