Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day, Oy Vey!!

I want to start this out by saying I truly don't mind tax day, and I believe we should all pay our share of taxes, but I absolutely loath getting things ready for this big day in the United States.  I think I may need to hear from the rest of you on some easy organization tips to help prepare for this onslaught of receipts and paperwork.

So, if you have an easier way to control this misery, I am all ears!!  Well, not literally, my ears aren't really that big--other parts, perhaps--but not my ears. 

My husband has his own business and his idea of keeping receipts for me is using plastic baggies filled with all kinds of receipts--this time I am being literal--ALL kinds!! 

Of course, my procrastination does not help me one iota since I wait to the bitter end to do this.  Those of you who know me truly know I ALWAYS file an extension because of this issue.  This year I really didn't want to file another extension.  I thought I might catch the IRS off guard and surprise them with my return.  I imagine they won't be taking bets on this happening, but I like to think I am that important to them.

Come on, everyone, give me some tips on better organization throughout the year to alleviate this paper nightmare!!!  HELP!!!  I am drowning in it!!!  (Not being literal here.)

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