Friday, October 30, 2009

Colorado Eagles Reach for 150 Wins!

The ground is covered with snow and the temperature is dropping in Colorado, but there is no chill in the air in the Budweiser Event Center. Tonight the Colorado Eagles will face their first game against their rivals from Rapid City.

Rapid City is a new team to the Central Hockey League with this being their second season; however, they are already tied for first place in the Northern Conference and the Eagles want to take that spot away from the Rush, in addition to achieving the goal of 150 wins at the BEC in regular season play.

The Eagles’ top performer from seasons past, Greg Pankewicz, now retired and behind the bench as Assistant Coach for the team will no longer be able to lead the team from the ice. This role has been delegated to the new captain of the team, Riley Nelson, who recorded 500 game points while playing with the Eagles last Friday night.

Andrew Penner remains between the pipes as the Eagles’ goalie, but another Penner has been added to the squad. Alex Penner, Andrew’s brother, is now wearing an Eagles’ jersey and will be another enforcer for the team. Alex has shown no fear in our first three games and was actually ejected from the game last Saturday night with a game misconduct for secondary fighting. This could prove to be an exciting year for the Eagles’ fans.

The Eagles continue to sell out each regular season game and season six promises to be another one of those years. Tempers will flare, goals will be scored, fans will be on their feet, and dreams will continue to flourish at the Budweiser Event Center.