Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

We have SNOW!!! It is a lovely white day. The snow started last night and has continued all day. Just soft and peaceful flakes drifting down the entire day. Our little dogs had great fun playing in it and would run back in to warm up on Momma's lap. Lucy is a little black yorkie-poo and she was covered with the snow. Now, Ellie is an elegant little white poodle and a little more mature. She is a little lady and tried not to get so wet. When the squirrels stuck their little heads out to tease the dogs, we had a little frenzy in the snow, but for the most part it was out and back in to warm up.

Cold and snowy weather made it a perfect day for a crockpot full of stew. The house smells yummy and we didn't have to leave for any reason. That was the nice part.

Now if I would have to go out in this I have found a wonderful little addition to my wardrobe that I don't think I can live without. Picture this on a snowy day:
This is called Butterscotch Ripple Knitted Wrap in Sweet Caramel, Creamy and Chocolate Brown and is a creation of Fashion Touch, an especially nice Etsy shop. Be sure you browse her shop before it gets too cold in your area! She is a member of Unique Women in Business and will treat you well! Tell her I sent you!

In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy a little comfort food! Okay back to my studio . . . many treasures to create.


  1. Oh, Trudy! Thank you so much!!! Such a lovely post! I keep thinking about Christmas, White Christmas and lots of snow and you have such a nice picture here!
    Thank you again!!!

  2. I love Fashion Touch's work! Her scarves and wraps are so beautiful.

  3. This wrap is gorgeous. I love the colors and even the name. Visiting her store before Fashion Touch has beautiful items. =)