Friday, February 17, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

My friend and I were making some Mardi Gras dog collars so our pet owners would be able to share the party with their beloved fur babies and we finally looked at each other and said, "just WHEN is Mardi Gras and how is the date determined?"  Good question.  All I knew is it has something to do with Fat Tuesday--whenever that is . . . 

So I did a little discovery and found it is NOWWWWW!!  Gosh, next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday and that is the end of the Carnival season.  Fat Tuesday always falls the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Now, I'm starting to put the pieces together a little.  Here's exactly how it is described in the offical Mardi Gras site:

Don't confuse Carnival and Mardi Gras! Carnival refers to the period of feasting and fun which always begins on January 6th, The Feast of the Epiphany. Mardi Gras refers to Fat Tuesday, the final day of revelry before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins.
They publish a parade schedule and it looks like there are non-stop parades and celebrations going on in the fair city of New Orleans.

According to the published info, Mardi Gras was first held by the Krewe of Comus on February 24, 1857.  The King of Carnival in 1892 was Rex and he selected the official Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold and green.  Purple stands for justice, gold for power, and green for faith.

They would have the feasting, parades, and a ball to celebrate this special time of the year.

There is so much more to learn about Mardi Gras and you can read all about it at

As a tribute to this festive time we created some cute little collars for the discerning party pet.
Mardi Gras Madness
We have all sizes available so be sure to ask if you don't see your size.
Mardi Gras Harlequin
So many choices, so little time!!  
Mardi Gras Harlequin in Gold
Stop by Kady's Pet Couture to find a sampling of our imagination hard at work.

Then let's get out the beads and put on the party music!!

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  1. I've wondered when it is, now I know!
    Any dog or cat would be soooooo cute in these collars! Lots of fun!