Sunday, February 19, 2012

Movie Review - One for the Money

I was first introduced to Stephanie Plum and her wacky family years ago; I have totally fallen in love with each and every member of this Trenton group.  I tend to bond most with Lula, but that's a given with her taste in clothes, style and food.  I was delighted to learn that a movie had finally been made about this zany group, although I was a bit of a concern about Katherine Heigl being in the star role.  I just couldn't see it, but I kept an open mind.

 My friends, Sandy and Carrie, and I have always made a point to have a girl's day out to include lunch and a movie.  Some days it is a movie marathon when we attend two movies (heck, if we are out and playing, why not?).  We generally take turns choosing the movie, but try to make sure it is a good one with a light note.  Sometimes we have a bust (I won't point any fingers, but I will just mention Intolerable Cruelties out of the corner of my mouth) and then the person who chose it will NEVER hear the end of it.  The three of us are all Janet Evanovich fans and eagerly await the latest Stephanie Plum novel so the movie, One for the Money, was a given.

 We had a lovely lunch at Olive Garden, all choosing the soup, salad and bread option, gotta keep it light so there is room for popcorn and Junior Mints when we get to the show.  Then we were off and running to get there in plenty of time to find a seat. 
Since it was a week day and a matinee we didn't even have to play the 'senior' card to get a discount, although not all of us are able to do that even when it is an option--some out of sheer vanity and others for lack of chronological years.  We pick up our popcorn and beverages and scurry in.  

I must digress here to let you know about our inside joke about me buying my water.  I ordered a bottle of water at one of these movies and threw down my dollar to pay, when the cashier told me $4.75.  I gasped, with eyes wide and dry mouth hanging open, saying $4.75!?  The cashier promptly informed me that it was the ‘largest’ bottle of water in town.  Since then, I go with more money and an empty bladder.  Sheesh, what are they thinking?

Luckily, our seats are available and it appears we are going to have a private viewing, which is perfect since we love to laugh out loud.  

Katherine surprises us in her adept recreation of Stephanie.  She is able to play her with just the right amount of spunk and humor we have come to know and love.  I believe she has quelled her movie jinx with this hit.  

Debbie Reynolds is in the role of Grandma Mazur and is perfect at hitting the quirkiness of this all important part.  Sherri Shepard assumes the wildly dressed and hungry Lula with great abandon.

I won’t ruin the movie for you, but will say it is well worth the time to see it.  I actually believe this one may be worth buying and adding to your library of fun at home.


  1. If a sequel is made, I hope Ranger gets more screen time...Yum....
    Ranger shower gel??? seriously? I haven't had a husband in many years so I don't even look at men stuff anymore.

  2. So glad to hear it was good. I wondered if Heigl could pull it off too.

  3. The movie sounds great , I am glad I don't live where you do, $4.75 water? Nice job!