Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Comic Con Wedding

Have you ever heard of the Comic Con Convention? Well, I must admit that I had heard snippets about it, but didn't really check in to it since I thought I wasn't in to that kind of stuff.  

My cousin, Pammie's daughter, Alicia and her fiance, Joel, are not only in to it, but they are an avid comic couple.  They actually have the artistic talent to draw and write their own comic adventures.  

So when they decided on their wedding reception date, they also decided to embrace the entire comic con theme.  Hmmmmm, okay, I say (being the hip cousin that I am), I can make your wedding jewelry around this theme. 

Luckily, Alicia had decided on Lime Green and Purple as her primary colors for the big day. 

She picked out a strapless, tea length, white gown and wanted a lime green sash for it.  No problem, I can do this.  I have been making sashes for other brides in the traditional ivory and white, so this should be a snap, right?  

Honestly, I found all the supplies I wanted/needed and started to design.  I needed to keep her age in mind and her choice of theme.  Anyone who knows me would understand she had me when she mentioned 'Star Wars' since it is one of my favorite movies and I probably have the lines memorized I have seen it so many times.

I came up with the sash utilizing a method of melting satin and creating some flowers to tie everything together.  Let me know what you think.
The Sash
  Here it is on the dress: 
 Oh, yes, I liked the way it turned out.  Okay, now I'm on a roll so I made her garter along the same theme.
The Garter 
Now I was on a roll.  Made her main garter and one to throw!!
Garter to Throw
So, the hard part was finished then I created a necklace with lime green, purple, and clear crystals.  I needed to keep in mind that this pretty little bride has some awesome ink on her body so I tied it all together with a black sparkling heart as a center pendant.
Her Necklace
While I was creating I made a fascinator for her hair with white feathers, lime green and purple crystals, and topped it off with a lime green feather compliments of Pretty Bird, the Orange-winged Amazon.  She didn't mind, she dropped it any way.  I just risked a few fingers grabbing it out of the cage while it was still clean!

The cake was a combination of the Darth Vader helmet with a Storm Trooper helmet on top--of course, Hans and Princess Leia were on the very top!
Oh, I was truly in my element now!  No, I won't be growing up soon, so just give it up.  

The couple endured the agony of cutting the cake and deciding how to feed each other.  They decided on forks--how gentile was that?!?  I do not like it when the bride and groom smears cake on their new spouse's face, so this was awesome to me.

Alicia & Joel
We had a lovely time getting to see friends and family from near and far while we celebrated the union of this adorable couple.

l.-r.; Joel, Alicia, Pammie, Grandma Clella, Cousin Justin (not Bieber)
We got a few family pictures amidst the festivities (no, none of me, although I did clean up well). 

My favorite picture of the night will give you a little insight into the fun these two will have throughout their new life together.
Ta Da!!!
Another batch of memories for us to talk about over a nice cup of tea and a pizzelle.



  1. Wow, Trudy, you out did yourself! What a fun collection of inspired creations! And what a lovely & fun couple~you were definitely in your element!

  2. This wedding sounds like a blast. I love all of your creations for the bride and the cake is fabulous. The bride and groom seem very happy and well matched.