Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wow! That's Amazing!

I cannot begin to tell you about the last two days--we spent them in Denver at the International Gem and Bead Show! OMGosh! Sparkly objects everywhere--I had trouble staying focused!!!!!! We found some beautiful items to make into treasures for you. I will be in the studio non-stop until it is time to go to the Whimmydiddle! Those Kansas groupies will be the first to get to see the new treasures.

I will keep you posted!


  1. I too was going to go to the Bead Show and I was also going to take a class while I was there. But I was flying into Denver that day and I just couldn't get to the show on time. I'm really bummed!
    What's this Whimmydiddle that you mentioned?

  2. The Whimmydiddle is an Art and Craft Show in Scott City Kansas. I guess it is the largest in western Kansas. This will be my first year so I'm excited.