Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day of Nice Weather!

Today was the last day of nice weather here in Colorado--for a few days that is--and I spent most of it in the studio. I have some wild ideas spinning around in my head and I must create before things get lost in the proverbial fog. I do try to sketch ideas out when I can't be in the studio, but sometimes pieces just call to me.

So, today I worked on a lovely piece with antique brass, copper, gold, and gunmetal chains. Then I added some hand-painted silk to give it some warmth. Oh, I must admit it is turning out to be spectacular! I will try to take some photos, but there are so many beads calling me I'm not sure when I can stop long enough to snap the shots!!

I did make a few sample earrings for one of my brides for her bridesmaids and I believe she has made all her selections, so that will keep me busy for awhile as well.

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