Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feedback from customers is GOOD!

I love interaction with my customers, like most people I especially enjoy positive feedback.  Recently, one of my customers requested some special 'ear pins' made for her daughter.  I had already been working on something similar, so I quickly finished them and sent her pictures.  She purchased them for her daughter and later returned to buy a pair for her niece.  Her daughter claims, 'she was the coolest girl in school,' and who wouldn't love that??

I have since sold more pairs with a little variation.  Today one of my customers sent me a picture of these unique earrings and I want to share it with you.  I now call them Ear Vines since they vine up your ears like a plant.

Here's my model Debbie Anderson (cute little ear, isn't it??):

I have them on my Etsy site with different crystals and some with just plain silver beads, as requested by Bridget for her daughter.  Contact me if you want a different color or style and I'll do my best to please you.

Bridget's feedback: "This is the second pair of these fabulous Ear Pins I have purchased from this wonderful shop. The Ear Pins arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. The workmanship is exquisite and the design is fun and unusual. This is a great shop with wonderful customer service and I will definitely return soon."

I love trying new things and when it pleases the customer, it doubles the enjoyment.  Give these little 'ear pins/vines' a try--you will love them.


  1. I LOVE my Ear Pins and plan to buy a variety of others!!! they are very cute and i get tons of compliments when I wear them! People think they are so "cool" Thanks Trudy - these are so unique!!

  2. OMG I love my ear vines sooo much. I love having unique stuff and nobody else has these. They really make me stand out. ~Bridget's daughter