Monday, June 6, 2011

Good Guys Car Show - Rocky's Ride

How many of you have attended the Good Guys Car Show??  It happens every year and it actually happens in several locations across the United States by the Good Guys Rod & Custom Association.  This show is also called the Colorado Nationals for the Loveland, Colorado location.  My brother, among many other car buffs, prepare for this event for an entire year.  I have attended this event with him for a total of three years and it never ceases to amaze me when I see everything these people go through for this big event.

These avid automotive buffs will spend hours and hours in their shops trying to get their chosen vehicles back to pristine condition.  Well, most of them do, some actually surprised me with their vehicles; but we will get to that later.

I believe I read that the newest year for a vehicle to be included in this show was 1972.  So, for many of us, it was like taking a step back in time; back to high school or back to the old movies we used to watch.  I have taken a few pictures and will share some of these with you.

First, I need to let you know that the 'secret room' clean up did happen and Rocky, my brother, had a nice place to sleep--I may post pictures of the finished room later.  He needed a nice relaxing place to rest each night because this was a very busy four days for us.  Thursday started with check in and then a big cruise and party at the famous Pinkee's Rod Shop.  Pinkee's has been featured on TV many times for some of his million dollar paint jobs.

There are many of these auto buffs who have the money and pay big bucks to get their vehicles brought back to life.  Then, there are just as many that build these vehicles from rusted out junkers.  My brother is one of the home built editions.  He is big into 1955 vehicles and brought his '55 GMC pickup this trip.

It's all about the display, by the way, show cars are just like our art shows!  Check out the engine.

Flames on the air filter, on the engine, on the oil cap, etc.  The theme is consistent throughout.

Battery cover with flames and Rat Fink
The infamous Rat Fink travels with Rocky to all the shows.  This is the battery cover that he built and painted.  Notice the model truck on top painted to match the life size original.  Did I mention flames?
Tiny truck on air filter
There is even a tiny model painted to match that sits on the air filter.  Can you see the flames??
Flame seats

Special seat covers were made with red flame stitching to match.  I think there is a theme going on here.
Home built trailer

He has a home built trailer that he has painted to match the truck. Now, come on, you can't pull a trailer behind that doesn't match, right?  Just wait until you see the bed of the trailer.
Rat Fink
My brother was trained as an 'authorized' Rat Fink painter and has the beloved Rat Fink on many items to keep the theme going.  Rat Fink was originally painted by the legendary painter, the late Ed Roth.  His cartoons continue to be published in each Good Guy magazine.
Rocky's scooter is painted to match the rest of the items--have I mentioned flames yet??  Oh, you haven't seen anything.  The next post will cover all the various flames I found at the show.  To stay within the theme of this event, my friend and I made some flame dog collars for the buffs to make sure their pooches were matching their paint jobs.
Flame dog collars

Okay, stay tuned for tomorrow's lesson on FLAMES!!!!  Wow, not all flames are created equal!!
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