Friday, June 3, 2011

Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week - Pretty Whimsical

The Etsy Twitter Team features a different member each week to be in the spotlight.  This week is Pretty Whimsical and I must admit that I just want to order one of everything when I peruse her shop.  She has such wonderful little scrabble tile pendants and she has made something that will be a perfect gift for each and every one of your friends. 

I spent the day outside today--the entire day for the first time this year--and I am once again enthralled with Mother Nature and her wonders.  When I shopped through the Pretty Whimsical shop I found some gorgeous pieces that reminded me of nature and the great outdoors.

Bee Collage

 I found this gorgeous collage featuring a bee and the illusion of a honey comb and many flowers.  This piece comes in an organza bag and is ready to slip on to a ball chain and is only $7.95.  That is a great price for such a work of art.

Hummingbird Pink Flower
 Next I found an adorable little hummingbird with it's little beak stuck in a pink flower.  The hummingbird and flower are vivid colors with a really nice antiqued background that truly makes the foreground pop with color.  Again the price is right.

Day at the Beach
My last selection was a tough one to make.  In keeping with the nature theme I found some Koi fish in a pond, more birds, bees, etc., but finally settled on the beach picture for those of you near the shores.  Just a wonderful way to spend the day!!

Stop by Stacey's shop this week and see what you can find.  She has a special for us:

Use coupon code: FREECHAIN
to receive a 24"   silver ball chain with each pendant ordered.
(Yes, she does ship internationally.)

I will also list her other venues so you can 'like' her, 'follow' her . . . you get the picture.

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