Sunday, June 26, 2011

UWIB Blog Hop - Red, White & Blue

Once again the Unique Women in Business are joined together to create a blog hop. This month is Red, White & Blue.

Those colors always bring pride rushing to my heart. I was raised in an era where each morning our class would stand at attention, hand over our hearts, facing our flag saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I believe that simple act on a daily basis helped to instill a profound pride in us. It reinforced the honor that should be bestowed on our national flag.

This flag helped many a valiant soldier as he went in to battle to ensure our nation's freedom. Since then the combination of these three colors will forever symbolize freedom to many proud Americans. The upcoming July holiday will be embraced by a myriad of items in these specific colors.

The UWIB team will have some special handmade items for you. Now here is my challenge to you. Peruse this Etsy team by searching using the tag uwibteam, then pick out your favorite item. Respond back here with a comment telling me which shop and what item you have found. I will use to find the winner. The winner will get a Free pair earrings (yes, you will get a choice).

Here's a list of other blogs to check out.

Blog Hop Participants
Rita Wetzel -
Judy Woodley  -
Linda Stranger  -
Trudy Miller  -
Wendy Kelly  -
Ann Rinkenberger  -
Miriam Nelken  -
Robin Koehler  -
Cory Trusty  -
Audrey Fetterhoff  -
Janet Bocciardi   -


  1. I was raised in that same era...and Thankfully, in my son's pubic school, they still say the Pledge of Allegiance ever day.

    Great post Trudy!!!!


  2. Great Idea ! My shop does not have handmade items in it, but does have crafts that you can make handmade items with.


  3. Ooooh, nice!
    I'm not gonna play favorites, since I'm a UWIB'er, too... but I will share your contest!

    Linda :)

  4. Don't worry about hurting our feelings, we all know that it would be hard to pick just one fav!

  5. I loved saying the pledge every morning...I enjoyed the routine of it even when I didn't understand what it meant!