Friday, November 19, 2010

International Gem & Jewelry Show

Last weekend was the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Denver.  I so look forward to these shows, which are held semi-annually.  That gives a girl some time to use up her stock and earn a little more money for the big trek to Denver.

This show is held in a HUGE place in Denver and I cannot stress enough about the large array of goodies made readily available to the gem junkie in all of us.  Sparkles abound throughout this arena and I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I have to touch everything and pick them up and twirl them in the light to watch the pretty colors change before my eyes.

My husband goes with me and he hauls my stashes out to the car when they get too heavy.  I could not make it without him and his muscle!  He even acts like he enjoys seeing all the bling--he is a good faker anyway.

So now I'm home and still stashing goodies, but I'm already creating with my new treasures.  I am ready for the holiday season and will be making plenty of gifts for the online shoppers to peruse.

Here is a sample of my first creation:

Black Onyx & Pink Magnesite with focal Bling!

Now that is a statement necklace if I have ever seen one.  Imagine the possibilities!!  But I'm also making some daily use items such as these earrings:
Florentine Flower Earrings 
 And I'm always thinking of the holiday festivities so I had to create some holiday earrings:
Green Pearls with Crystals

Keep your eyes open for the newest items that I will be posting daily in my Etsy shop. 

Get your holiday shopping finished early and remember FREE shipping with orders over $75!!

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  1. Happy Holidays Trudy! Enjoy the season and keep the lovely creations coming in the New Year!