Friday, November 12, 2010

October Bride

I love to make pretty things for the brides and their wedding party.  So often, though, I don't get to see the finished product in action.  I made six sets of the Tara Necklace in Bronze and they ended up so lovely.  
Getting ready to ship! 
 I believe her wedding was on the ever popular 10/10/10 date and she chose espresso dresses and these bronze sets.  

I received a picture of the beautiful bride with her fair maidens surrounding her.  What a treat to see the final culmination of all her choices.
Jess and her bridesmaids

The bouquets, the dresses, and the jewelry all tie together so well for an Autumn celebration!  Thanks for sharing your day with us, Jess!!

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  1. How wonderful to see your lovely work being enjoyed Trudy! Great post!